Technology and the Child’s Brain

Technology and the Child’s Brain

The lifestyle has taken more our children’s life leaves anytime for them to do exercises, go off and stay or else active it is far detached from the way of life. Sedentary life that our children have become familiar to, technology and obesity have become personally.

Modern technologies are extremely powerful since they rely on the majority of powerful hereditary bias we have the liking for visually obtainable information. The child brain has a great bias for visually accessible information.

TV, cinema, video, and nearly all computer programs are extremely visually leaning and so draw and keep the awareness of young children. The difficulty with this is many new technologies are very inactive.

Child's Brain

As of this they don’t offer children with the superiority and amount of vital emotional, communal, cognitive, or material experiences they need while they are young.

Raising a child requires the right mixture of these experiences at right time in turn to develop optimally. This cannot occur if the kid is sitting for hours inactively watching TV.

A child sitting in front of TV for hours prevents the child from having hours of develop mental experience. Children require immediate social connections; technology such as TV can stop that from happening.

Alternatively, there are lots of positive characters in current technologies. The technologies that advantage the child supreme are those that are interactive and permit children to build up their interest, difficulty solving and self thinking skill.

Children want real life experience with genuine people to really benefit from obtainable technologies. Technologies must be used to develop prospectus and experience. Children have an incorporated and balanced set of experience to help them grow up into talented adults who can handle common emotional connections plus develop their academic ability.

I imagine that stability and time are key to fit development. Supply the right kind of experience at the correct time and make sure a balanced combination of expressive, material, common, and cognitive experiences.


As we start to make more child responsive television, we have to identify that young children recognize in diverse way than what adults do. Way to information that is developmentally suitable that is somewhat we need to be very anxious

There are different computer course and site on Internet and TV that have contented may be suitable for 18 year child but unsuitable for a nursery child. It means there is no parental power a child might access to extreme aggression or presents wrong negative concept, like racial discrimination.