Steps to Vitality: Smoothies by Thorbjörg

Steps to Vitality: Smoothies by Thorbjörg

It’s no secret: Scandinavian Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg, loves smoothies! 

Having been lucky enough to get to know Thorbjörg personally, I can attest that she can suggest a smoothie for any given situation. That’s why it seems quite natural that she has written a book on how to achieve vitality through unique smoothies.

Through her decades of lifestyle coaching, Thorbjörg has developed the “Circle of Vitality” model. The circle consists of 10 different aspects of vitality, and her program helps anyone improve their stance in each area. Her upcoming book, Boost Your Vitality, is a collection of 68 smoothies by Thorbjörg—each targeting one of eight aspects of vitality.

Are you a bit confused or hesitant? Well, fear not. Below I break down the eight areas of vitality, and explain how the right smoothies, with the right ingredients, are ideal for enhancing them.


The key to improving your body’s energy giving processes is by having high functioning mitochondria—the powerhouses of your cells. The optimal condition for mitochondria to do their work includes giving them the right tools to help them along. That’s why Thorbjörg’s smoothies in this particular chapter focus on including proteins, fatty substances, minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, antioxidants, and healthy glucose.


Obtaining balance is all about having stable blood sugar levels. We maintain our blood sugar through eating carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruits, berries, legumes, and whole grain foods. We do not need added sugar from processed foods! In fact, eating processed foods with added sugar causes an overflow of sugar that can lead to inflammation, high blood pressure, obesity, and even cancer.


With Strength, Thorbjörg aims to boost our immune systems. We need to help internal actions that can help fight off illnesses. Strength smoothies by Thorbjörg increase your dose of nutrients such as vitamin C, bioflavonoids, zinc, beta-carotene, green chlorophyll substances, and antioxidants—all of which are ideal for arming yourself against illness.


Vitality relates to your conscious living and constant development. In order to stay young, we need to help our biology function at its best. When our body and mind are running at full capacity internally, then it shows in our external physicality. Keeping a smooth functioning biology includes giving your organs the right tools to communicate with each other. This is done through phytochemicals—which is why these smoothies are made from colourful berries and vegetables, as well as amino acids, green tea, and much more.

Each of the smoothies by Thorbjörg are tailor made to boost a specific area of vitality. Get the sample of her book Boost Your Vitality to get free smoothie recipes!


The fastest way to extinguish your passion is to overdose on foods with added sugar, margarine, and white flour. To re-kindle the fire, Thorbjörg suggests consuming herbs, supplements, and certain foods with aphrodisiac properties. Her smoothies are sure to spice up your day (in more than one way)!


The key to harmony is finding the right balance. In this case, Thorbjörg wants us to be more experimental with our ingredient pairings. There are certain things you may not find appealing (such as a Broccoli and Mint Shake), but their nutritional values and flavors are surprisingly complementary. Keep your mind open, and find your own harmony in unexpected combinations.


In order to have a high functioning body, you have to rid it of toxins. Your liver is the most important organ for this process, and you need to help it along. Feed it smoothies filled with nutrients such as the right amino acids, phytochemical substances, magnesium, and other vitamins. When you’ve helped your liver do its work, you will see the results in your skin, digestion, and even your vision.


The body is made to move, and supplementing your diet with exercise is the best way to regain your vitality. This chapter’s smoothies are made to complement an active routine. Whether it’s before or after a workout, or simply to get ready for a big event—these smoothies will give you the right balance of proteins, amino acids, and the right energy boosting vitamins and minerals.

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Everyone has the right to regain their youth. Through her carefully constructed book, Thorbjörg has made it easy for you to strengthen your whole vitality—or even just the specific areas of vitality you feel could use a boost. Check out the free sample version of Thorbjörg’s book, and receive a smoothie recipe from each of her proven areas of Vitality.