Penis Enlargement Surgery: Is It Safe?

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Is It Safe?

The penis size is a cause of anxiety for a lot of men. Do you know so many men are insecure about their penis? Yes, it is often claimed that more men are unhappy with their penis size than those that are satisfied. Men at their youth have had insecurities regarding the size of their penis; they are plagued with the frequent concern that their penis may not be big enough to satisfy their women. This anxiety has led to depression or low self-image. Unfortunately, just like other human features, not all men are endowed down there.

How Small is This?

According to some researchers, the average length of an erect penis is 5.1 inches, while anything short of 4.5 inches is classified as small. The average girth for an erect penis is 4.59. The girth is the circumference of the penis at its widest section. In a study conducted at the University Hospital of Groningen, a considerable percentage of the women respondents attached significant importance to the size of the penis. Although famous sex researchers have concluded that the size of the penis does not have any real physiological effect on female sexual satisfaction, recent studies have proven otherwise. Some of the possible reasons the width of the penis is important in giving pleasure to the woman are:

  • A long or wider penis will leads to give complete fullness to woman and she will be physiologically satisfied with it.
  • Penis width may also be important because a penis that is thick at the base is likely to provide greater clitoral stimulation as the penis thrusts into the vagina.

Viable Options

Yes, various means have been created to increase the size of the penis. Some of the methods aim to increase the length while some aim to increase the girth. Some available techniques are:

Supplements like penis enlargement pills can be found easily and are sold online. According to an article from the Mayo Clinic, there is very little scientific support for the use of non-surgical methods to enlarge the penis. Some of the supplements might pose a risk of damaging the penis. Jelqing is a derivative of the Arabic/Persian word ‘Jalq’ which means to masturbate. Jelqing is the simultaneous squeezing and stroking of the shaft. Although there have been many reports of success, this technique lacks medical evidence. The method has mostly been dismissed as implausible. Jelqing does not pose any serious risks, however, if done excessively or harshly, it could cause ruptures, scarring or even desensitization.

Surgical Procedures

There are various penis enlargement procedures but most of these procedures have their associated risks of complications. Complications are likely to arise when these procedures are conducted by unlicensed surgeons.

Some penis enlargement procedures are designed to enlarge the length while others are designed to enlarge the girth.

  • Suspensory Ligament Release which increases the flaccid length of the penis but not the erect length. Therefore, the flaccid penis size is longer than its original length but the erect penis size remains the same. It seems that this procedure is designed to merely boost confidence and also impress sexual partners (on a first impression only). This procedure has been reported to cause problems with sexual functions.
  • Penile augmentation which is done by the help of injection; fat cells will be used to inject into penis. The injection of fat cells could pose the risk of swelling and deformity and in very critical cases; the penis would have to be removed. Grafting the fat cells on to the penis seems to be the more effective of the two. However, the challenge this poses is that the increase in size does not last for long and may disappear over time.
  • Injection of Silicone Gel. As of February 2019, Penuma seemed to have been cleared for commercial use. What is Penuma? Yes, it is a piece of medical-grade silicone that used to insert into penis skin and this way it could be longer. The Penuma device is designed to fit the penis shape of the patient. This insertion is done through an incision in the groin area above the base of the penis. The device makes the penis look longer and bigger by stretching the skin and tissues of the penis. The claim is that this device increases the length of both the flaccid penis and the erect penis, unlike the suspensory ligament release. The possible complications associated with this include perforation or infection of the implant, suture detachment, the implant breaking apart, blood clots in penile tissue, and a possible change in the shape of the penis.

No Pain No Gain but Preserve the Family Jewels

Of all the penis enlargement techniques, surgeries seem to be the more scientific option. However, there are several risks associated with Penis enlargement surgery even when performed by qualified surgeons.

At the moment, there are no well-researched fool-proof approaches and most medical organizations do not approve of surgeries especially when it is for cosmetics. The European Urology study examined 42 men who had surgeries to lengthen their penises through suspensory ligament release and they discovered that only 35% were satisfied with the results and a lot more went on to get more surgery. The American Urological Association state that these procedures are not safe or effective for increasing the thickness or length of the penis as an adult. The side effects of doing surgery include but not limited to:

  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Desensitization/ reduced sensitivity
  • Erectile dysfunction


A lot of men at some points in their lives have thought they were smaller than average. However, most often than not, they are not. Men tend to set a high standard for what they think the average penis should look like and they continue to put themselves under pressure to be bigger. It is important to seek adequate medical advice and conduct research before undergoing a procedure if it is necessary.