How I Started My Sugar Free Path

How I Started My Sugar Free Path

People often ask me where and how I started my own personal health revolution. When was the moment I began my journey to become the anti-ageing Queen? There is no doubt in my mind that it started by moving my eating habits from the streets and into my kitchen.

You see, before my own personal health revolution, before I developed my 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks programme, my body wasn’t made up of just the standard flesh, blood and bones. Although I am a normal human, at this point I felt as if I was sharing my body with an alien inhabitant. This inhabitant took the form of a magnetic substance that attracted one thing: Sugar! And not just any sugars, like those naturally found in fruits and vegetables, but the processed sugars made popular through their delicious sources. You know which ones I’m talking about, the sugars that make you devour sweets, chocolates, sodas and pastries. But the magnetic substance was even sneakier than I thought. It managed to make me want to eat other things that are unsuspectingly sugar loaded, like breads, crackers, powders, ketchup, so-called “Health” bars, and pastas. Did you know that these foods are packed with sugars? I didn’t—and that was how I became a sugar addict.

One of the great things about living in Copenhagen is that you can easily live without a car. All you need is your legs and a bike, and you are free to move about the city in anyway that you wish. When you establish a set bike route to work, over time you’ll get to know every store along the way. Back when I was sharing my body with this alien inhabitant, I knew exactly which one of the ten bakeries I passed on my route had the best breads, Danishes, and even “healthy” muesli treats. I knew where all the kiosks were as well, and I developed a routine where I would alternate between the stores on my route. That way I could intake chocolate and ice cream daily, and avoid being judged by the shop owners. It was a crazy illusion I had created for myself, but as I said before: Alien Inhabitant.

It’s tough to avoid sugar temptations when you are passing window displays like these. Changing to a sugar free path was key to finding my vitality!

So when I finally decided to quit sugar, I had to subdue the Alien Inhabitant and avoid any tempting sources of sugar. This meant I had to find another way to work! I had to find a route free of bakeries, kiosks, and patisserie cafés. Not an easy task in Copenhagen I might add! It took some time, but I finally found my “sugar free” route. It took a lot longer to get to work, but it was a great way to physically change my surroundings, leaving behind my Alien Inhabitant, and replacing him with my own will power. Every step brought me more clarity.

The next stage of my personal health revolution took place in the kitchen. I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with the Scandinavian concept of a “Samtalekøkken,” which is what we call a kitchen environment that promotes sitting and conversing with others while cooking. The concept is highly valued here, and it helped me get started with my creative cooking. I talked to my family and friends about feelings, foods, and recipes. The most dramatic moment was getting all the “bad stuff” out of my kitchen. Everything white—sugar, rice, pasta, bread. Out! I was obsessed with checking labels and whenever I saw anything that had added starch, sugar, or syrup ingredients—Out! Filling my kitchen with sugar free and healthy foods was awesome and thrilling. And then I cooked. Oh, did I make food! I didn’t realize how creative and good a chef I could be until I went crazy in my kitchen. This creative strength and control turned on my passion for making healthy and tasty foods. I would draw inspiration from my sugar free surroundings, go home, and by just accepting and trying, I would make amazing things happen in my kitchen.

The Scandinavian “Samtalekøkken” encourages interaction in the kitchen. Opening dialogues on any topic, even food, can help us find inspiration.

This was how my personal revolution began. This is how I started my healing. I actively changed my surroundings within the same city, and found my vitality in my own kitchen. Hopefully you can find your power in your own kitchen. If not, come visit mine, and I will show you how!

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