Erectile Dysfunction in Middle Aged Men

Erectile Dysfunction in Middle Aged Men

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that mostly plagues middle-aged men. It is true that ED can affect males of all ages, but the largest groups of sufferers are middle-aged men. The condition is characterized by a failure to either achieve or maintain an erection. It can occur intermittently or be persistent, thus preventing both parties in a relationship from enjoying themselves. Successful treatment of erectile dysfunction requires a proper diagnosis and a determination of the condition or situation that caused the problem.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Middle Aged Men

One of the most prevalent causes of ED in middle-aged men is a drop in testosterone. After the age of 20, a man’s testosterone begins to decrease. By the time he is in his 30s, the level of testosterone can drop significantly in a man’s body. This decreased amount of testosterone can cause symptoms such as a lack of sexual desire and a failure to achieve an erection. Doctors can administer testosterone injections in such a situation.

Middle-aged men must keep up with regular doctor’s visits so that the specialist can pinpoint health issues. Certain health problems contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. For example, coronary heart disease will definitely have an effect on a male’s erection because it affects the flow of blood. High blood pressure, diabetes and an enlarged prostate may also contribute to the development of this disorder.

Mental illnesses can also affect a man’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection. Psychological disturbances such as anxiety and depression can change the way the male thinks, which can cause the brain not to send stimulation signals to the penis. Sometimes, even when a middle-aged man is aroused, he might not be able to achieve an erection because of his thought process or mood.

Medications and therapies are available for psychologically induced ED.Environmental factors can cause middle-aged men to have episodes of erectile dysfunction. Experts have named tobacco smoking as a leading culprit for ED. Illegal and prescribed drugs may cause a person to come down with erectile dysfunction. Additionally, a middle-aged man who consumes alcohol on a frequent basis is also subject to developing impotence.

Treatments for Middle Aged Men

The treatment that a doctor administers for a case of ED – besides Max Performer reviews –  is contingent upon the client’s lifestyle and health. Some physicians may prescribe drugs that increase the flow of blood to the penis. Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have been effective in many cases. A client who takes medications for illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease may have to change his medication or stop taking it if it is feasible to do such.

Clients with serious problems may have to undergo surgery to install a penile implant while others can get by using a penis pump. It is up to the doctor and the client to work together to come up with the best possible solution. The most important part of ensuring a full recovery is reporting the problem to a medical professional immediately.