10 Extremely Dangerous Side Effects Of Consuming Beetroots

Beetroots have gained immense popularity in recent years as a super food. This winter green strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure and removes harmful toxins from the body. However, a diet that comprises predominantly of this delicious vegetable can unleash a host of health 

middle age erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction in Middle Aged Men

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that mostly plagues middle-aged men. It is true that ED can affect males of all ages, but the largest groups of sufferers are middle-aged men. The condition is characterized by a failure to either achieve or maintain an erection. 


Does PhenQ Has Any Side Effects?

Most people avoid taking dietary supplements because they contain dangerous side effects. FDA has banned some of these products due to their harmful effects. However, supplements that have natural ingredients have minimal side effects. When looking out to start a weight loss journey, users mainly 

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Is It Safe?

The penis size is a cause of anxiety for a lot of men. Do you know so many men are insecure about their penis? Yes, it is often claimed that more men are unhappy with their penis size than those that are satisfied. Men at 

leanbean pills

LeanBean review: a fat-burning supplement for women

What is LeanBean? You might be thinking to yourself – WHY is this supplement targeted for women only? The answer lies in the blend ratio – there are more ingredients targeted for appetite suppression than for fat burning. Studies have shown that women have a 

Steps to vitality

Steps to Vitality: Smoothies by Thorbjörg

It’s no secret: Scandinavian Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg, loves smoothies!  Having been lucky enough to get to know Thorbjörg personally, I can attest that she can suggest a smoothie for any given situation. That’s why it seems quite natural that she has written a book on 

vigrx plus reviews

VigRX Plus review: what you should know about this supplement

What is VigRX Plus? Welcome to our VigRX Plus review. This is a product hailed for its effectiveness when it comes to helping men with erectile problems and issues with sex drive. With its scientifically engineered yet natural formula, it is a safe and effective 

How I Started My Sugar Free Path

People often ask me where and how I started my own personal health revolution. When was the moment I began my journey to become the anti-ageing Queen? There is no doubt in my mind that it started by moving my eating habits from the streets 

5 Ways to reverse your Biological Age

As a 23 year old male, worrying about my ageing body has been a very low priority for me in the past years. Instead of worrying about the effects a diet of beer and burritos may have had on my body, I adopted the “I 


TestoFuel review: is top testosterone booster work?

What is TestoFuel? TestoFuel is one very promising supplement. Male enhancement may be a broad term. However, as TestoFuel states, there is one very specific thing crucial to male enhancement. While TestoFuel is made to increase muscle growth, this isn’t the only benefit it claims