Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain

You might be an athlete, a pole vault champion, a cement hauler or even a software programmer; if you’re putting stress on your back, you’ll feel the pinch: hard!

Since back and abdominal muscles are integral for supporting the spine against gravity, you need to perform stretching exercises to reduce lower back pain, since these work by creating and relieving stress on the back.

They do this by loosening the lower back muscles and increasing flexibility. There are different types of back stretching exercises. What type of stretching back exercises for lower back pain can you do to get yourself sorted?

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic Tilt.

Begin by warming up with a short walk to get the muscles limber. Then head into the pelvic tilt. This is done by lying on the floor on your back, with your feet flat. Try to flatten the small of your back directly against the floor to create stress on the abdominal muscles. Hold the pose for five seconds and relax. Do these fifteen times every day.

The Cat.

The Cat is one of the basic but solid back exercises for lower back pain. Begin by posing as a cat stands: hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Drop your stomach towards the ground, holding your head high as you inhale. Then go the other way: tuck your tummy in by arching your back like a cat, with your head in as you exhale. Repeat this two-step process five to eight times.

The Cat

The Cobra.

Lie down on the ground on your stomach, placing your arms half-length on your sides, with the palms placed on the ground directly under your shoulders. With your forehead on the ground, raise your upper body and arch the back by pressing your arms downwards. Hold the pose for five to seven seconds and relax.

These back exercises for lower back pain might be a stretch to begin with, but they get easier with time and help reduce the stress on your lower back. However, these exercises are not meant to cause pain, and if they do, you need to consult your doctor.