Our Story

Pine Tribe is a new kind of book community and publisher. Our concept is to bring the best books from national markets to global audiences. We strive for a world that is more connected, through better sharing of ideas, thoughts and stories.

The Concept

We are based in Scandinavia, where a decent work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle is more the norm than the exception. So our first book series, Your Best Self, explores these ideas from Scandinavian thought-leaders. More book series will follow shortly.

We bring to life the ideas and stories of our authors through books, articles, videos, interviews, discussions, webinars, podcasts and other contemporary formats. We will create a platform where our readers can discover, curate and invest in the best local books that are still hidden from the global audience. For now, if you can suggest books to be translated and promoted, or are a local bestselling author yourself, reach out to us via the Join Us pages.

Book distribution has typically involved A LOT of paper, heavy transportation, and burning tons of excess books. Today, this is obviously not how we should be consuming ideas. We distribute with respect for the planet –  digitally or by print-on-demand.

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