5 Things a Tree is doing for you right now!

5 Things a Tree is doing for you right now!

We all know trees are good for the Earth—but what is it exactly that trees do for us? Yes, they are great for climbing and look nice, but it turns out they actually do many more things for us. Like “sciencey” things…

1. Produce Oxygen

Most of us could have guessed this one: Trees make oxygen. But how exactly? Remember hearing the term “photosynthesis” back in grade school? Well, that’s how. Just like a plant, a tree collects water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to create glucose to survive off of and oxygen for us to breathe. However, trees do this on a much larger scale than plants. It is estimated that a fully grown oak tree can have over 700,000 leaves and soak up to 1,400 litres of water a day. Whoa!

2. Sound Barriers

Trees can efficiently muffle noises around you. Planting trees around your yard will help block out unwanted noise from around your neighborhood such as nearby highways or those kids down the street with the extremely impressive high-pitched screeching.

Planting trees


Plus, trees can even increase your property value! In fact, the U.S Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station In Portland claim that street trees can increase your home’s value by $ 7,130 more and also sell 1.7 days faster.

3. Fights Global Warming

Trees aren’t out fighting your average petty criminals in our world. They don’t have time for that (nor the mobility). Trees are tackling the bigger stuff like global warming. Carbon dioxide is a main suspect in global warming. Trees take in this chemical and store it there so us humans don’t have to breathe too much of it.

4. Air Filters

Better than any air filtration system you can get from a store (and taller too), trees act as a natural air purifier. This silent hero absorbs many dangerous pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide and then exhale good ole’ fashioned oxygen.

5. Cooling/Heating System

Want to cut down on your cooling and heating costs? Then plant some trees! During the winter, trees can block harsh winter winds, helping your house keep warm. During the summer, trees produce shade and keep you feeling nice and cool at home.

MSN Real Estate suggests that “just three trees, properly placed around a house, can save between $100 and $250 annually in cooling and heating costs. Daytime air temperatures can be 3-6ºF cooler in tree-shaded neighborhoods.

Cooling/Heating System

Not everyone realizes the sacrifices our unsung heroes endure every day. Here at Pine Tribe, we recognize the importance of trees and want to spread the love across the globe.

So we teamed up with WeForest, a non-profit association aimed at promoting large scale reforestation, to help plant trees in various countries. Therefore, any person can claim for a tree to be planted via our website and help our cause.

So go outside and hug a tree. Tell it thanks for all the hard work it’s doing for you. Just make sure people aren’t around because you will look really weird, there is no way around that. If you are too shy to interact with these big guys, then just go to the “Our Trees” section on Pine Tribe and claim your tree today!