What laughter in the office does for you

My co-workers and I have the luxury of working with some of the leading experts in laughter and workplace happiness; Alexander Kjerulf (Happy Hour is 9-5) and Thomas Flindt (Happy Lemons). Thomas Flindt even goes to say “You don’t get happiness from success; you get success from happiness”. And what better way to create this than using one of the most crucial building blocks for happiness – laughter. On a normal work day, my colleagues and I don’t just come in and open up our computers and zone each other out for the next 8 hours. Instead, we all like to socialize for a bit, grab some coffee, and most importantly, we laugh. Whether it’s talking about our most recent embarrassing public fail, or sharing some funny content we came across on the internet, we always find ways to fit in laughter throughout the day. Though telling stories and sharing irrelevant videos may seem unproductive, we believe that creating laughter throughout the day actually creates a more efficient and successful office atmosphere.  And here is why:

Creating Strong Relationships in the Office

Sharing a good story, a funny meme, or video between you and a colleague can help build upon your relationship with them. If you think back to all your closest relationships throughout your life, chances are, you can recall times where you have shared ab-crushing laughs together. Moments like that are building blocks for good relationships and what better way to create a close-knit office than to share experiences like this with your work colleagues.

Alexander Kjerulf preaches strong relationships within the workplace. Generating strong relationships with your colleagues will produce a cloud of happiness in the office that will come in handy when working together and trying to accomplish a task.

For more information on creating relationships in the office, check out this article from our very own Angeli Rafer.

Laughter is a natural response, and sharing in laughter with your co workers is a great way to bond. The harder you laugh together, the more you connect.

Laughter is a natural response, and sharing in laughter with your co workers is a great way to bond. The harder you laugh together, the more you connect.

Laughing is Healthy

Thomas Flindt has made a living making other companies successful by helping over 20,000 employees around the world find laughter as a medicine. In his book, Happy Lemons, Flindt shows you how to use laughter to improve your life; and he is backed by the health world.

An article from helpguide.org talks about various physical and mental health benefits.  They are as follows:


A study from the University of Maryland examined the effects of peoples blood vessels when watching a comedy versus a drama.  While the people viewing the drama veins began to tense up and restrict blood flow, the people viewing the comedy kept a nice healthy balance of expanding and contracting blood vessels.

What laughter in an office does for you

They aren’t kidding when they said that “Laughter is the best medicine,” laughing helps reduce mental and physical stress, and your body will thank you for it!


Next time you come across a funny video or terribly embarrassing story (unfortunately, we have quite a few here at Pine Tribe), share it with your colleagues!  The people at the SocialWorkplace.com like to start their day off with reading from the popular website DamnYouAutoCorrect.com (If you haven’t been to this site before and own a smartphone, do yourself a favor and check it out). This site helps provide a nice laugh before getting to work and there are endless amounts other sites that can do the same for you and your colleagues.

So go out and create some laughter in your workplace and work on building your relationships with your colleagues to produce that team atmosphere that is so important in a successful office. Here is a nice, completely irrelevant video to start you off with.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQiCw55hkQQ]

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12 Mar 2014

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