Thomas Flindt - Scandinavia’s laughter guru.

He inspires people, businesses and teams towards more enjoyable and motivating work.


2013 marks a decade of laughing for a living in Thomas Flindt’s life. Yes, that’s right. We said “laughing for a living”. “You don’t get happiness from success; you get success from happiness.” This is a concept people are only starting to realize today, particularly by those whom Thomas has left his impact on.

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About "The Laughter Guru"

Thomas is a life coach and laughter instructor as well as the driving force behind World Laughter Day in Denmark. “Laughing in front of other people takes courage”, a lesson learned from any attendees of this international event.

“When you see so many people laughing together as a spectator, your mind wants to understand. For those laughing together, it’s an instant connection.”

Courage and connections aren’t the only benefits either. Aside from coaching, Thomas inspires people, businesses and teams to more enjoyable and motivating work. He conducts laughter workshops and personal development courses for corporate companies because “laughter gives us energy and motivates us.” His lectures have a fine balance between seriousness and fun – emphasizing the importance of allowing ourselves to have fun, as this gives rise to more successes in life.

Success can be measured, as evinced by Thomas’ efforts with laughter in the workplace. Increased production and sales by over 40% were observed in a session conducted over a period of one year by Thomas at a Danish IT company. Thomas’ pioneering research has thus demonstrated that when humor levels rise in the workplace, profits follow.

He is one of Denmark’s leading experts in job satisfaction and motivation, and his books are based on his experiences with 20,000 employees from more than 1,000 different Scandinavian companies. At these aforementioned companies, he has helped employees and managers to have more fun, and be more effective at work.

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