The Appeal of Before and After Stories

TV shows like Extreme Makeover, both the plastic surgery series and the home edition in the US were huge television successes. People take a great interest in seeing the metamorphosis of weight loss triumphs and failures, plastic surgery flops and successes, and the transformations of homes and cars. For anyone who has gone through their own “makeover” we know it is never as easy or as glamorous as the final result makes it seem. The process involved to get from one point to another is often dramatised or downplayed when we only see a photo or watch reality television. Irregardless of the process it took, people still love before and after stories. 

Before and After

Home makeover reality shows and projects always highlight before & after images.

I personally have always taken a great interest in fitness and health personalities and their before and after stories. I suppose I have imagined what it would feel like to have my body change in such a dramatically different way. I enjoy reading about the advice given to achieve a certain form and seeing the results it took and/or the criticism to get there. This was actually one of the first things I looked for in Thorbjörg’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks; I wanted to see and read the before & after stories and the process it took. With Pine Tribe‘s free ebook release of Before & After I started to contemplate our interest in the before and after process.

Statistics show that some of the most popular television shows out there are based around before and after concepts. Be it America’s Next Top Model, American Idol or The Biggest Loser, we have a great interest in the starting and finishing product. Even if we never plan on having plastic surgery, doing a home remodel, or losing weight, why are we so interested in peering at the images of people we probably will never meet?

My theory is that before and after stories often hook us because we can relate. We can feel sympathy, joy, anger, disappointment, inspiration, motivation, or just dream. While makeovers involving plastic surgery or home remodels are unrealistic for most, shabby to chic fashion makeovers or fitness revolutions can be managed by nearly everyone. It is also now more common than ever to see people posting their progress on the internet. I have been surprised at the boldness taken to be so vulnerable in front of the public eye. Criticism and failure can come hand in hand, yet if done right, sharing the before & after images and stories can reap some great rewards.

Before & After

Before & after fitness transformations are always inspiring and motivational for those who want to make a change.

Nowadays, Kayla Itsines has taken Instagram by storm with her fitness body and Bikini Body Guide. Based in Australia, Kayla has over 1 million followers on Instagram and has become an iconic fitness role model for young women who are seeking a lean and toned body within 12 weeks. I myself have been hooked on the transformations so much that I have decided to try her program out. While I do think that Kayla’s program could apply to a majority of women, she is still only 23 and lacks the life and body experience of a woman who has had children, is in their mid-40’s, or has developed decades of bad habits. In this way, I see Thorbjörg, a radiant 54 year old, as a great role model for women who are well into their adulthood and seeking their own before & after revolution.

Achieving Thorbjörg’s transformation is not as demanding on your body as you might think. It can be certainly intimidating for someone with little or no fitness background to jump into some of the extreme fitness before and after regimens out there. While Thorbjörg does not require individuals to hit the gym with strenuous exercise routines, a key focus for her is a clean diet, complemented with moderate exercise and supplements. Thorbjörg emphasises going gluten and sugar free, something which is not always an easy task, however it is only for ten weeks. All in all, exercise is essential! I do not think anyone would get proper before and after results without a few modifications, necessary boundaries, and daily discipline.

Before & After

Thorbjörg is a beautiful, energetic 54 year old inspiration for all who want to transform their body and mind!

If you enjoyed 10 Years Younger in 10 weeksThorbjörg’s Before & After is the perfect complement. Perhaps you can also relate to the two women who share their success stories. You might even find that their before and after achievements will compel you to make a few changes of your own. Also included in this small e-book are delicious recipes. Keep in mind, this is not a detailed diet plan, instead it is intended as a way to plant the seed for taking the step forward towards happiness, health, wellness, and hopefully your own before & after experience. Even better news, it is free! 

Not convinced you need to make changes, why not try testing your biological age?

Either way, stop sitting back and watching others experience their own before and after. Allow them to motivate you to do something better for yourself! I cannot promise that your change will be easy, in fact, it probably won’t. But, no one has ever said anything that was worth it was easy to come by.

Get your free Before & After book below!

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Tiffany Lee
22 Aug 2014

by Thorbjörg


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