Smile, It’s Denmark!

The Importance of great work life balance from a mother’s perspective

‘Smile’ – a term that is so generic that we hardly ever pay any heed to its importance. Technically speaking, a smile is just flexing of 27 facial muscles, but emotionally speaking, a smile is a really BIG DEAL!

Just the simple clenching of certain muscles for a second could say so many things. It says that your heart is content, it’s light, you are relieved, and something or someone has given you a reason to be happy. Isn’t that the most important thing in life – being happy? Isn’t this something we all crave and aspire to achieve? If you leave work with a smile, it means your day at work has made you happy.

Maybe what I am trying to say here is best explained by Thomas Flindt,“You don’t get happiness from success; you get success from happiness.” This is a concept people are only starting to realize today. You can also read about it in his upcoming book Happy Lemons.

I am an Indian, living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark for last 3 years. I am also a mother. Before I had a child, I was a dedicated full time PR professional working late hours. But I had decided that once I had a child, I would do more freelance work or stop working altogether. Once I started working in Denmark, I realized it is possible to pursue your ambitions even after having a child.

And here’s why–


In Denmark, there are few housewives and even fewer househusbands. Flexible work culture is common. An important thing I have noticed here is that companies do a serious effort in ensuring that their employees are happy, enjoy their time at work, and leave feeling happy. Usually parents leave their kids in daycare. It is acceptable for each of the parents to leave early twice a week to pick up their children.

This is just a small example of how employers in Denmark ensure that people are happy and have great personal lives. If we feel that it’s easy to balance our personal lives while doing what we are passionate about, wouldn’t it result in us becoming happier?

On my first day here at Pine Tribe, I was told, “You know, if you are interested in sports you are welcome to go and do your thing in the middle of the day- as long as you are on top of your work.” Well, now how many of us have heard anything like this before? This really made me happy and put my mind at ease –and it was enough to ensure that I came to work and left with a smile for days to come!

My main point is this, if you are happy while you are working and you feel that you are being taken care of, it makes you motivated and ends up leaving you feeling happy. After that, you spend quality time with your family because your mind is at peace, feeling positive and energetic. No one seems to get this better than the Danes.

What do think about importance of a smile? Does your boss do anything to make your work day more enjoyable?

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Charu Dwivedi

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