Beyond Stockholm: Six Places to Visit in Sweden

Stockholm will always be one of my favourite European cities; it is a modern and cosmopolitan place that offers endless possibilities for entertainment. That said, it is easy to forget that Sweden is a HUGE country with four topographical divisions. For more traditional “Sweden” experiences, it is worthwhile to get out of Stockholm and explore the other regions of the country. Don’t get trapped by Stockholm Syndrome, here are six fantastic places to visit in Sweden.

1. Värmland

Värmland, located in western Sweden, is more or less one giant nature attraction. The region alone is home to 10,000 lakes, making it ideal for activities such as fishing, canoeing trips, and timber rafting. The region offers numerous camping opportunities regardless of if you prefer to “rough it” or camp in comfort. Visitors can also experience elk and beaver safaris in the Värmland wilderness. If you are looking for peace and quiet in nature, Värmland is definitely the best to be.


2. Dalarna

There is a reason Danes and Germans are keen to snatch up summer properties in Dalarna, it is one of the most idyllic places to visit in Sweden. With its famous red-painted cottages and high quality cultural landscapes, Dalarna has captured the hearts of Swedes and visitors alike. The iconic Dalecarlian (dala) horses are carved here from local wood, and have become a symbol of both the region and of Sweden. Dalarna is also home to Sweden’s ski resort, Sälen.

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3. Gothenburg Archipelago

The west coast Swedish archipelago sometimes gets overlooked for its east coast counterpart, but Gothenburg’s archipelago is every bit as beautiful both in the summer and winter. The Gothenburg archipelago is divided into northern and south archipelagos, both offering visitors a unique experience. The northern archipelago, for example, offers terrific sailing opportunities. The southern archipelago, on the other hand, is car-free and ideal for exploring.


4. Gotland

Gotland is an island 90 km off the coast of Sweden, known for its unique natural beauty. A popular destination in the summertime, it is home to sandy beaches, small finishing villages, and Viking heritage sites. The only town on Gotland is Visby, a medieval, walled town and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gotland receives nationwide press during Almedalen Week, an important Swedish political forum held in September each year.


5. Uppsala

Uppsala, located just north of Stockholm, is Sweden’s fourth largest city and is one the oldest university towns in Europe. The city is home to a young and lively student population, as well as Scandinavia’s largest cathedral. History buffs can explore Viking history nearby in Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala), which is the site of over 300 burial mounds – the last resting place of Viking heroes.


6. Swedish lapland

The Swedish Lapland is not an easy place to reach, but it will reward visitors generously. Northern Sweden is home to the Ice Hotel, the midnight sun in the summer, the northern lights in the winter, and a chance to experience the culture of the Sami people.


Sweden is a captivating place to visit, both in the winter and summer months – particularly for nature lovers. It can be a daunting task to try to see it all, but it’s tough to go wrong in this beautiful and diverse country.

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Anna Guastello
18 Nov 2014

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