Which Scandinavian Country Do You Belong In? [Quiz]

It’s easy to lump Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland all together under the big Scandinavian umbrella – they have similar looking flags, related languages, a shared Viking history, and they get quite cold in the winter! But each country has its own distinct culture, traditions, and eccentricities which distinguish them from each other. Before you hop on a plane, it’s important to know which country is the best for YOU!

Which Scandinavian country suits you best? Are you an adventurous Icelander or a nature-loving Norwegian? Take the quiz to find out which Scandinavian country you belong in!

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Scandinavian Quiz

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Anna Guastello
14 Aug 2014

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21 thoughts on “Which Scandinavian Country Do You Belong In? [Quiz]

  1. Hans Ranum says:

    FYI, Iceland is not a Scandinavian Country. Denmark, Norway and Sweden are Scandinavian. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland are Nordic countries.

    1. Ben Posetti says:

      We cheekily include Iceland in our mix because we’re proud of our Icelandic author Thorbjörg :)

  2. Gina Marie says:

    There ARE 5 Scandinavian countries! Norway, Denmark, Sweden, FINALAND & Iceland. There are even DOCUMENTARIES on this subject. My friends from Finland are insulted that you left them out. (btw, fyi, Greenland is part of Denmark.)

  3. Gina Marie, you are so wrong. As Mr. Ranum says in his comment there are three Scandinavian countries, Norway, Denmark and Sweden and five Nordic countries, the Scandinavian ones + Iceland and Finland.

    What documentaries are you referring to? Link(s) would be nice. I would imagine that someone who’s lived in Scandinavia his/her whole life would know this, wouldn’t they? Or do you believe we’re making this up? Btw, why do you think it is called the Nordic Council (http://www.norden.org/en) and not the Scandinavian Council?

  4. Scandinavia has 3 countries( Norway, Sweden and Denmark). Scandinavia are also included in the Nordic, that with Finland and Iceland totals of 5 countries.

  5. Kikki Hiiri says:

    Finland and Iceland are not part of Scandinavia. Any Finn who is insulted of being left out should have paid more attention in school.

  6. @Gina Marie: No there are 3 Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden & Denmark. Those three together with Finland & Iceland form the NORDIC countries. There is a difference :)

  7. Jamie Qualls says:

    Why is Finland not in this quiz?

  8. actually…look at the map: the scandinavian half-island only contains Norway and Sweden….the rest is just neighbours…here, we like to call our selv: “Norden”…look it up.

  9. Arto Parikka says:

    Scandinavia includes the three kingdoms of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Nordic countries include Finland, Sweden, Norway (also norwegian Svalbard), Denmark (Faroe Islands & Greenland, both Danish), Iceland. Also self-governed (or autonomous region of Finland) Åland Islands are part of Nordic countries.

  10. This is so much debated ;) . Officially -geographically- only a part of Finland belongs to the Scandinavian area, but culture-wise Finland can be counted as a Scandinavian country. The word “Scandinavia” seems to gave many meanings. (Originally Scandinavian area was established with an intention to exclude Finland) :)

  11. The name Scandinavia originates from the Latin word Scania (Skåne) which is the southern region of Sweden, formerly a Danish area. The Scandinavian countries (and kingdoms)includes Norway Sweden and Denmark as mentioned above. The Nordic countries also includes Iceland and Finland. The Scandinavian Peninsula (different from Scandinavia)includes Norway, Sweden and parts of Finland. The article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandinavia gives a fairly correct description of this.

  12. Natasha Lund says:

    I’m Danish and got Sweden…. Well, I picked the things I would say was Danish.

  13. Fabio Deluca says:

    Arto Parikka: Greenland -better said, Kalaallit Nunaat- is not part of Scandinavia nor a Nordic country. It used to be a colony of Denmark (now it has been granetd a high level of autonomy), but it doesn’t mean it’s part of Scandinavia. Geographically, it’s part of the Americas. And almost 90% of the people living there are inuit (native American people). The Danes only make less than 10% of the current population…

  14. Steve Gysler says:

    Nordic countries, Scandinavia, blah, blah, blah. Can’t all of us Vikings just get along? I would include Minnesota and North Dakota in the mix. They are States, too. They just belong to a greater federation.

  15. Steve Gysler says:

    Now, if you were debating who are the true Vikings, I would have to say the Norwegians. The rest are just tag-a-longs. The Viking spirit is still alive in Norway – just look at the results of the last Winter Olympics.

  16. Siw Connie says:

    Right, Iceland is NOT Scandinavia!

  17. Scandinavia has 5 countries geography.about.com/od/europemaps/tp/scandinavia.htm

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