How Existential are You? [Quiz]

 “Who am I? What is my greater purpose?”

We’ve all been confronted with the big questions out there and, presently, these answers are only limited by the extent of our imagination. But there are those who wish to push the boundaries of that limitation. They will dwell on the questions and their potential answers until time has passed them by. Then there are others who don’t devote their precious time to linger on what they feel are unanswerable questions.

But how existential are you really? After consulting with Matias Dalsgaard, a scholar of Kierkegaard, we’ve broken down the key traits that can help you find out where you lie on the scale of existentialism.

So where do you belong? Are you on your way to become a great existential philosopher? Or are you the realist who experiences the world at hand? Take the quiz and find out where you lie on the Existential Spectrum.

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Matias Møl Dalsgaard quote

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Philip Trampe

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