Playing it Real

Young people play music. I have a little brother who is much younger than I am. He is 17, lives with our parents in the northernmost province of Denmark, goes to high school, and plays in a band. When I was 17 and in highschool I also played in a band. If you have a creative drive and a sense of authentic expression this starts showing itself around this age. Music is a channel for the drive.

It is interesting for me to see how my brother develops a distinct personal taste. He knows what he likes and what music should sound like, and he has a bright mind. I hold my hopes high for him. But I also cannot help noticing: When you are young, living in a far-out province with very little entrepreneurial spirit and coming from a family of non-entrepreneurs – then there is nowhere to channel your creative energy other than into the unreal space of music and art. The idea that your creativity could be put to use for entrepreneurial enterprise in the ‘real world’ of work and production is still not present. For you the true, authentic expression that your creativity is seeking can only be found outside the real world, not in this world. (The melancholy of the young artist basically arises from this disconnect between inner creative energy and real world enterprise.)

Beautiful music often comes out of this, and we definitely need music just like we need art in general. But sometimes I would have liked – for my brother, for myself at this age and for so many other young people – that the world had presented itself in a less black and white manner. It is not either creativity or reality. It can, and should be both. The creative drive is exactly what drives your efforts and accomplishments in the world of commerce and production.

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Matias Dalsgaard

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