Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Thorbjörg [Video]

In this edition of our Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I sat down for a chat with Scandinavia’s Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg.

Thorbjörg is the healthy lifestyle expert behind the 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks programme. During her early years, Thorbjörg battled a sugar addiction that made her body feel sluggish. She began to suffer from skin disorders and inflammation in her joints—symptoms that usually don’t come to fruition until the later stages of life. It was during this time that she discovered the concept of one’s Biological Age versus Chronological Age. The concept is quite easy to understand: the body doesn’t simply age in relation to the standard calendar, but ages based on how you treat your biology.

Watch the video below to hear Thorbjörg explain how she discovered the biological age, how her life has changed since then, and how she wants to help others become the best edition of themselves.



Thorbjörg’s programme is proven to help anyone regain their vitality. Her free eBook Before and After presents the story of women who have undergone the programme themselves—and they aren’t looking back. By correcting their eating habits and understanding how their own biology works, these women have been able to turn back the clock. They’ve obtained the physical youthful appearance which results from developing a high functioning body.

To learn more about how Thorbjörg’s programme can change your life, download the free eBook below. The book includes personal stories, as well as some fun (and simple) healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy. As Thorbjörg says, the hardest part is getting started. Hopefully the stories of these women will help you start your journey towards vitality.


Before & After - Thorbjörg

by Thorbjörg

A sample of healthy recipes and some insight into a few of the many lives, including Thorbjörg herself, that have been revitalized thanks to Thorbjörg’s proven natural anti-ageing regiment. The bestselling book 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks reached cult status in Scandinavia thanks to a refreshingly natural approach on how to look and to feel younger.

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