Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Thomas Flindt [Video]

In this edition of Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I undergo my very first Laughter Yoga session with Scandinavia’s Laughter Guru, Thomas Flindt.

Thomas Flindt has been laughing for a living for over a decade. Through his work, major corporations such as Microsoft and Novo Nordisk call on him to lead them in laughter workshops. These workshops help their employees relieve stress and get in touch with the present moment.

In his book, Happy Lemons, Thomas reveals how Laughter Yoga goes beyond just stress relief. Putting his own theories to the test, he conducted a yearlong experiment to see how laughter in the work place would impact productivity. The results were staggering—after the first month, the company’s sales had increased by 40%!

I admit that I was highly skeptical of the concept at first. I didn’t truly grasp the concept of how laughter could breed success. After taking part in a short session, I can say with confidence that I have been converted. I instantly felt the revitalising effects of a short laughter yoga class, and felt a unique peace of mind that I had never experienced before.

Take a look at the full interview below where we see Laughter Yoga in action. We also get to hear Thomas tell the story of how he discovered the true power of laughter, and what it means to him.

Philip Trampe
8 Oct 2014

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