Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Matias Dalsgaard [video]

In this week’s Pine Tribe Author Interview, I had a chat with Matias Dalsgaard. Matias is the author of Don’t Despair: Letters to a modern man, an epistolary novel that tells the story of Rasmus, an overachiever who becomes lost after his wife and child leave him. Written through the eyes of his Uncle Morten, a Lutheran priest, Don’t Despair critiques the modern lifestyle of the overachieving businessperson—helping them to overcome despair and allow for a renewed joy and courage to exist.

Check out the full interview below to learn more about Matias, why he wrote his book in its unique format, and how philosophy can give you a better perspective in business:



Matias comes from a unique background that blends philosophy with business practice. Initially wanting to be a writer, he studied literature as an undergraduate. His interests evolved and resulted in him getting a Masters degree in Philosophy. From there he changed course and began working for the global consultancy firm McKinsey and Co., only to eventually depart the firm and pursue a PhD in Philosophy. Now, with a doctorate under his belt, he’s returned to the private sector and co-founded his own company “GoMore,” Denmark’s leading ride-sharing platform.


Don’t despair

by Matias Dalsgaard

Available in print and digital.

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Philip Trampe
6 Aug 2014

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