Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Martin Bjergegaard [Video]

In this edition of Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I sit down with Work-Life balance thought leader, Martin Bjergegaard.

Martin is the co-author of the book Winning Without Losing, which won the CMI award for Management Book of the Year. The book outlines 66 strategies on how to live a balanced lifestyle while running a successful business. Through interviewing successful entrepreneurs (referred to as Role Models), Martin aims to spread the messages of Work-Life Balance to anyone who may feel that they’re sacrificing their personal lives in order to achieve successful careers.

Check out the video below to learn more about Martin, and how he discovered the power of Work-Life Balance


Martin started his career as a consultant for a global management consultancy firm. While stationed in Kuwait City, the stress of striving within the company restricted him from seeing his family and loved ones, and it became detrimental to his own health. He decided to leave the company to pursue his own interests in the startup world.

Since then, Martin has been referred to as a Serial Entrepreneur. As a founding partner of Rainmaking, a company that helps other startups grow, he has played a role in launching 15 companies so far—all of which have working cultures which encourage Work-Life balance.

Philip Trampe
27 Aug 2014

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