Mental Empowerment Training: The Key to Your Child’s Brain

You may have wondered why some children get stressed and others do not, why some children whine whilst others take things in stride, or why some children blossom and others struggle. Of course, this is all due to the fact that children are different, but imagine if we all – children and adults alike – could gain access to our resources with one key: the key to the brain.

Many children spend a lot of time improving their physique with a healthy diet, playing games, and other exploits, but how much time do you and your children spend training their most important “muscle” – the brain, which controls our resources and where our behaviour is regulated? Mental empowerment training is a practice that was originally used within elite sports to get star athletes to perform at their best.  Today, mental empowerment training (also known as EmpowerMind Training) is available to all of us – including our children – and the results are astounding.

Mental empowerment training is an easy, pleasant, and affordable practice with only positive side effects. It will provide relief if your child is tired, nervous, stressed, depressed, confused, hyper energetic, or just needs a break. If your child suffers from low self-esteem, shyness, anxiety, ADHD, etc. it will give your child the possibility to prepare for future challenges through powerful visualisations.

Provide him or her with earplugs and a sound file, and let them enjoy 15 minutes by themselves.

During my work in mental empowerment training I have had the pleasure of following several hundred children through six months of daily training. This training involves the children sitting or lying down for 15 minutes per day with earplugs in their ears, whilst suggestions from a sound file stimulate their subconscious with astonishingly positive changes.


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 This is Why Mental empowerment Training Works

The active ingredient in mental empowerment training, which makes this form of training unique, is “suggestion”. It is this “suggestion” that qualifies as the main key to your children’s brain.

Suggestion is essentially what we go around and say to ourselves every day. When I tell myself I’m tired, I become more tired, and when your child says to himself or herself that math is difficult, math becomes even more difficult. It’s extremely banal but also very effective. Very few doubt that suggestion works – even when we say it to ourselves in an awakened state. The only challenge is that if you don’t believe in suggestion, then it won’t work. During mental empowerment training, the critical filter is turned off, and therefore creating a new neurological track in the brain where we establish new positive thoughts and behavioural patterns.

Evidence for the Positive Effects of Mental Empowerment Training

The documented results of mental empowerment training include improved sleep, increased focus, more patience, increased self-worth, a calmer demeanour, better fulfillment of goals, fewer pains, and a general increase of wellbeing and happiness.

Amongst children with psychological imbalances, the results include a reduction or healing of stress, anxiety, distress, and depression. Mental empowerment training frees up resources allowing more energy to be used on performance through increased focus and concentration.

My own research builds upon the substantial evidence, which supports the effects of continual mental empowerment training. I’m certain that within the next 5-10 years the practice of mental training will become the most important “enhancement-factor” not only in working life, but also in our private lives. There are no side effects – only benefits for both children and adults.

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Jørgen Svenstrup
28 Oct 2014

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