Don’t Despair – lose your simple notion of identity and find your true self


Instead of throwing yourself into imaginative types of soul-searching, you should quite simply just will to be who you are, standing exactly where you’re standing. That’s what Matias does.


It’s phrases like this that make us stroke our imaginary beards in awe and confusion; not because we don’t understand it, but because it’s so profoundly, for lack of other words, deep.

This is what Matias Dalsgaard brings to the table, and it’s not without reasoning or support. Matias has always been drawn towards philosophy, theology, the church and the arts. In particular he enjoys studying the great thinkers, preachers and psychologists of Christianity: Paulus, Augustine, Luther, and Kierkegaard. He has a background in Comparative literature and a PhD and Post Doctorate degree in Philosophy. So, what does this add up to?

With this education armed in hand, he worked as an associate at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Keyword: worked. This is where the story gets interesting because not only does Matias bring us a moving book, but he also leads us to question our thoughts.

Personally, Don’t Despair represents two sides of Dalsgaard’s life that might never be fully reconciled: the side of Christian-existential seriousness and the side of business, consumption and infinite earthly ambitions.

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