Limitless Life

How one woman made it to the top and got everything she ever wanted.

Her book, Limitless Life – Handled with Care, offers insight into how one woman made it to the top and got everything she wished for, through hard work, ingenuity and grit, and how she did it without being called an alpha male. She shares her story with complete honesty, displaying her strengths as well as her vulnerabilities.

Pernille aims to be the colorful mix of new generations in a new world with new times; but first of all…a woman. Being more liberal and liberated than most executives, she is a striking role model who from time to time creates controversy due to her honesty and belief that women should be women at all times, even when they are 50+ (like she is). Though, seriously speaking, you wouldn’t guess her age with her striking and sensual appearance.

The Danish bestseller Limitless Life – Handled with Care will be published in English by Pine Tribe in February 2014.



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