The Laughter Orgasms

I have been laughing for a living with Danish companies since 2003, but this wasn’t the only thing I did. In the period between 2003 and 2006, I had a laughter club in my living room. Every second Wednesday, people would come and laugh at my place for free. My laughter club was a great success and every time, 30 to 50 people came to laugh together. After a few years, we were a steady group of people laughing, expressing and releasing together on these special Wednesdays.

These sessions are for us to practice laughter yoga, which is a combination of stretching, breathing, and laughing. After a few visits to my laughter club, people usually experience things on a very deep level. What I mean is that laughing is about releasing and letting go, about enabling and allowing ourselves to let go of our mind and connect with our bodies. Even the simplest of exercises and the sliver of self-allowance lets us become more in-tune with our thoughts, our goals, our true selves.

This is the part where the story gets interesting. One day, a new woman attended this group. Most laughter club members are women, making it very easy for a woman to blend in. This ”new” woman, Zina, was a yoga teacher and a very open type of person. Having Zina in our session gave me and the other attendees a whole new look at what laughter and the body are capable of doing.

During the final stages of the laughter yoga, we were all laying on the floor, working to obtain a deeper contact with the body and attempting to let go of our ego. Lying like this, we no longer had eye contact with the other participants and our senses became activated on a completely different level. All that can be heard is the sound of laughter – your own and others’.

I always tell the participants to shut their eyes so they can sink even deeper into themselves. It was under such conditions that we experienced something which I never thought was possible – Zina starting making what appeared to be sounds of a sexual nature. After a while there was no doubt. She was expressing sounds of sexual character. This woman was actually having a orgasm through her laughter!

This wasn’t even the most surprising thing. What happened next was probably what amazed me the most. The other women started expressing the same sounds as well! They too were having orgasms through their laughter. I guess laughter is not the only thing that is contagious.

Learning from this experience, I can only say: Laugh and allow yourself to be surprised.


Image Source: Farmgirl Paints

Thomas Flindt

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