Is it time to Quit your Job? [Quiz]

Do you ever think about quitting your job? The thought of just standing up and walking straight out of your office? It might be something that entertains you every now and then, but most of the time that’s all it is – a thought. Most of us actually don’t know when to quit.  We might not realize how unhappy we are because we assume “Hey, it’s work. We aren’t supposed to be that happy anyway.”  But how do we know when to actually quit and move on to a different path in our career?  Alexander Kjerulf, author of Happy Hour is 9-5, has come up with a way to help. Alexander has devoted his life and career to helping people achieve happiness within the workplace and, as expected, has met many people who are unhappy at work. Throughout this unhappiness, he has found some common warning signs that most of these people displayed. He used these warning signs as a basis to create a test containing 10 questions. These 10 questions can help you answer a very, very tough question: “Is it time to quit my job?”

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If you decide to take the leap, this guy can show you how to do it in style!


Peter Gratale
12 Mar 2014

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