Interview with Visionary Coach Soleira Green

In this week’s Pine Tribe Interview, I sat down with visionary coach Soleira Green and our own Martin Bjergegaard.

Soleira is an author and an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of “The Visionary Network,” a global community of visionaries, coaches, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who shares the passion for creating a more vibrant world. She aims to help the world reach its true potential by allowing all of its citizens to harness the power of their inner Genius.

Martin Bjergegaard (our resident author and interviewer) is a serial entrepreneur who escaped his corporate job in order to find a more desirable work life. His CMI award-winning book Winning Without Losingprovides 66 strategies for achieving work life balance from successful entrepreneurs around the world. Martin is the Co-founder of Pine Tribe.

So check out the full interview below where we learn what a visionary coach is, how we can make a difference in the world, and how you can find your passion.


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Kalimaya Krabbe
5 Mar 2014

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