Interview with Scandinavia’s Laughter Guru Thomas Flindt

I recently sat down with thought leaders Thomas Flindt and Martin Bjergegaard to discuss a topic that is often neglected, yet is the key to our happiness: Laughter.

Thomas Flindt is Scandinavia’s resident Laughter Guru. For over a decade as a Laughter Coach, Thomas has been “laughing for a living.” He is the author of the book Happy Lemons: How Happiness Breeds Success, and has held countless laughter seminars and sessions, encouraging people to embrace their laughter as it allows us to become happier and more successful.

Martin Bjergegaard is a serial entrepreneur who escaped his corporate job in order to find a more desirable work life. His CMI award-winning book Winning Without Losingprovides 66 strategies for achieving work life balance from successful entrepreneurs around the world. Martin is currently the Co-founder of Pine Tribe.

Take a look at our interview below where we find out what it means to be a “Laughter Coach,” why we are reluctant to laugh in new surroundings, and why we should never stifle our laughter!

Kalimaya Krabbe
19 Feb 2014

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