Interview with Musician and Patreon Co-Founder Jack Conte

After their recent trip to the USA, our founders Martin Bjergegaard and Josefine Campbell met a variety of unique entrepreneurs who are challenging the norms of the corporate world. One of these individuals is Jack Conte.

Jack is a musician and entrepreneur based out of San Francisco. His company, Patreon, uses the Crowd Funding principle to help those who continuously create content for online platforms get paid for their endeavors. Jack is not only a founder of Patreon, but also a user. His profile on Patreon has made it possible for his fans to donate enough money so that Jack earns almost $5,000 per music video he uploads online. He can use this money to help produce videos more frequently and at a higher quality to meet the demands of his followers. Talk about giving power to the fans!

Check out the interview below where Martin and Jack discuss how you can still be an artist while managing a start-up, how sometimes the times where money is tight leads to the happiest and most creative periods in life, and many other interesting topics.

If you want to learn more about Jack’s music, check out his youtube channel, as well as his awesome work below:


Philip Trampe
16 Apr 2014

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