Interview with WeForest Founder Bill Liao

To celebrate our collaboration with our reforestation partner WeForest, I was lucky enough to sit down with their founder Bill Liao for a conversation on how us humans can clean up the mess we have made of the earth, and can save the world for our children.

Bill Liao however cannot be described only as the founder of WeForest. Along with being an entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is also a social networking pioneer, speaker, influential investor, and the author of Stone Soup, and Forests: Reasons to be Hopeful. He has also founded the CoderDojo program that allows young children to learn coding for free to help open communication across the world. When asked to describe himself, Bill simply states that he is a “Citizen of the World”.

The interview is co-hosted by Martin Bjergegaard, the a serial entrepreneur and CMI award-winning author of the book Winning Without Losing, which provides 66 strategies for achieving work life balance from successful entrepreneurs around the world.

Check out the interview below where we discuss the power of language, how children can inspire us to clean up our own mess, the importance of win-win situations, and how passion lead an 11-year-old girl to become a coding teacher.


Philip Trampe
2 Apr 2014

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