Interview with Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth

Kristian von Hornsleth is a contemporary artist whose work ranges from painting and sculpture to social projects and subject participation. Much of his work is a combination of traditional artforms and social projects, often with confronting underlying principles that challenge the status quo in the art scene, world politics and social norms. “I like the fact that an art piece is not just something you watch in a gallery, then you say bye bye and go have a cafe latte” says Kristian.

In this interview, Martin Bjergegaard talks to Kristian about his recent projects and the inspiration behind them. Hornsleth hopes his art can encourage people to ask questions that are not being asked. “I can express myself, and maybe this expression will dilute into some crazy politician’s mind one day”

Kristian also explains his personal journey creating art through struggling times. “If you get so fulfilled with your work, you will not be afraid of dying.”

It is often said that art crosses cultures but Kristian discusses how the dissident messages in his art were received less openly in the UK than in Denmark. “I paint, I sell it, I piss off people, then I go to bed. That’s my life.”



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Kristian von Hornsleth

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Ben Posetti
7 May 2014

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