Interview with Conscious Venture Lab’s Cosmina Popa [video]

A short while back, our co-founder and author Martin Bjergegaard had the chance to sit down for interview with Cosmina Popa, the Managing Director of Conscious Venture Lab.

As R. Edgar Freeman said, “Capitalism is the most successful form of human social cooperation ever created.” The team at Conscious Venture Lab agree with this statement, but they wish to make the use of capitalism refocus, and concentrate on benefiting different stakeholders besides just investors and shareholders. Conscious Venture lab is a business accelerator that aims to help entrepreneurs and developing companies develop their businesses while working towards a more sustainable form of capitalism. As Managing Director, Cosmina Popa helps these businesses adopt a stronger integration of stakeholders.

Martin Bjergegaard is a serial entrepreneur who escaped his corporate job to start his own business. After getting a few successes under his belt, he went on to co-author his CMI award-winning book Winning Without Losing, providing 66 strategies for achieving work life balance as advised by other successful entrepreneurs around the world. Watch the video below to learn more about Cosmina and Martin’s visions for the world. Learn about the challenges that arise when trying to reform capitalism, how the right purpose can lead to profit, and what it means to say, “Work is love made visible.”



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Philip Trampe
9 Jul 2014

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