Interview with All-Around-Creative Laurence Shorter

In this week’s Pine Tribe Interview, I was able to sit down with authors Laurence Shorter and Martin Bjergegaard.

Laurence Shorter is a past Consultant-turned-Life Coach. After working in the corporate world, Laurence decided to follow a different path. Since leaving it behind, Laurence has been a stand-up performer in the Edinburgh festival, an author, a life coach, and an overall artist. He shares his views and inspires others through his book The Optimist, and is working on his next book The Lazy Guru.

Martin Bjergegaard (our resident author and interviewer) is a serial entrepreneur who escaped his corporate job in order to find a more desirable work life. His CMI award-winning book Winning Without Losingprovides 66 strategies for achieving work life balance from successful entrepreneurs around the world. Martin is currently the Co-founder of Pine Tribe.

Check out our interview below where we talk about what living in the moment means, the difference between a Lazy Guru and a Crazy Guru, and how you can listen with your eyes and nose.

Ben Posetti
26 Feb 2014

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