How to be a Happy Boss: Free White Paper from Alexander Kjerulf

Alexander Kjerulf has made it his life’s work to spread happiness in workplaces across the globe. Through his teachings, he makes you realise that a happy work culture is not only the best way for employees to live, but it also has a direct impact on increasing profits.

“I believe, that the future of management is happiness.”

One of the keys to obtaining a happy workplace is to have a happy boss. In the traditional office, climbing the ladder meant you had to be tough and command respect through fear. More than anything, this has a negative influence on productivity. Workers begin to grow disdain for their work, reducing efficiency as well as customer relations. A Boss’ attitude can be the reason why employees dread Monday mornings.

In his white paper, “How to be a Happy Boss,” Alexander explains five principles which every person in a management position should follow:

  1. Happy Bosses are not afraid to show they’re happy
  2. Happy Bosses have time for their people
  3. Happy Bosses put their people before themselves
  4. Happy Bosses focus on Results and Relationships
  5. Happy Bosses solve problems
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His explanations delve into the reasoning and science as to why a happy boss can promote the productivity of their team more than a boss with a negative attitude. But don’t worry, he doesn’t just tell you why being a happy boss is good for the workplace. He also shares four easy practices that can help you become the happy boss your business needs.

Are you already a happy boss? Take Alexander’s test to see how you rank on his Happy Boss scale. You may find that you are already on the right track. If not, Alexander will give you the tools to move forward in the right direction.

Download the free white paper below to see what steps you can take towards becoming a happy boss.


Alexander Kjerulf - How to be a happy bossHOW TO BE A HAPPY BOSS (Free White Paper)

by Alexander Kjerulf


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