How Laughter Yoga Became My Passion

In 2002, I decided to become a motivational speaker. After reading several books on personal development, great changes started happening in my life. I went from being a part time negative person, to an almost full time positive person. I was really inspired and I knew that my path was to inspire other people to have a great life.

In 2003, I explored the personal development market. I sampled a variety of the methods out there, and I completed modules, courses and workshops in psychotherapy, NLP, and meditation. After bouncing between all of these personal development theories and practices, I ended up stumbling into a laughter workshop.

Children: Experts of Happiness Part 2

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In this laughter yoga session, I experienced all the values I wished for in my life. All of the values I wished to communicate to others came to me one by one. It was like stringing pearls onto a thread as everything I wished for came together. All it took was a long, deep, and intense immersion in laughter. The amazing thing was that I suddenly experienced these values as living, real entities—not just as abstract theory or philosophy. I felt them both physically and psychologically as they sprang directly from my laughter. I felt a vivid presence and awareness within myself, and the same awareness was reflected by the other participants in the group. I felt a great love for both myself and for those laughing with me. I experienced a deep contact with life itself. I experienced true freedom.

During and after this laughter session, I was held in a state of intense contact with the present moment and an equally intense feeling of happiness and joy. It felt as though I had come home to my true self. I knew that I had discovered something quite special. Two months after the experience, I handed in my notice as a teacher and devoted myself to the path of laughter.

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Thomas Flindt
22 Aug 2014

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