Happy Mondays Series #7 – Get Started After the Holiday

Scroll through a Facebook or Twitter feed on a Monday morning and you will likely see plenty of updates about the onset of a new week and how much people are not looking forward to it: we are always confronted with the idea that Mondays are something to be universally hated. However, we can fight the idea that we have to dread Mondays. Monday marks the start of a brand new week and a chance to refresh your way of approaching your work, especially if you are coming back from a long holiday.

Every Monday for the past six weeks we have been sharing some of Alexander Kjerulf’s tips from his book 52 Happy Mondays that are meant inspire you to make your Monday happier as well. This week, we will be sharing tips from week 30 regarding the importance of getting started after the summer holidays.

Week 30: Getting Started After Holidays

We all have summer holiday at different times, so if your summer holiday isn’t over yet, then you can just save this tip for later.

When the holiday season is over and we all return to work, it’s worth spending some time thinking about the best way to get started again. Sometimes it feels like our renewed energy, which we have gained during our holiday, quickly disappears again. So, here are some tips about how to keep that good mood a little while longer.

1. It’s okay to be a bit behind.

When you come back from holiday you are by definition behind. There are stacks of emails that need to be answered, lots of telephone calls, decisions, which haven’t been made in your absence or things which just haven’t been done. It’s unavoidable and it isn’t your fault! So, you shouldn’t expect to be on top of everything after day 1. Give yourself permission to be behind. Catch up on work at your own pace.

2. Start with the easy tasks.

Don’t get stuck into the most difficult and complicated tasks on your first day back. If you have any easy things to hand, then get started on them first, so that you can get going nice and easy. Once you are back in the swing of things you can get started on the difficult tasks.

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3. Keep to normal working days.

It can be tempting to start back after a holiday with a few extra-long work days to catch up on things. But don’t do it! Stick to your normal working day and remember point 2!

4. Say if you need help.

Ask your colleagues or superior for help if you need it. It’s important that you are aware of whether or not you need something, and that you make it clear, if there are some tasks which have become critical during your holiday. These tasks are NOT your responsibility alone, but it is your responsibility to report to your colleagues or superior you need anything.

So, your mission this week is to get started again after your summer holiday.


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 Translation by Synamon Mills

Alexander Kjerulf
4 Aug 2014

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