Happy Mondays Series – Take Time to Reflect

Every Monday for the next 10 weeks we will be sharing some of Alexander Kjerulf’s tips from his book 52 Happy Mondays that will inspire you to make your Monday happier as well. This week, we will be sharing tips from weeks 6 and 21.

Week 6: What is the Point of Your Job?

Does your work make sense to you? Do you know why you do what you do and why your efforts are needed?

We get happiness at work not only when we are skilful at work, but especially when we create meaningful results – in other words, when our work helps someone in need.

Your mission this week is to ask yourself this: “Who have I made a positive difference for today?”

Before you go home today, spend a few minutes writing down a list of things which you have done for others or ways in which you have contributed. Five ways which you, through your work have:

  • Helped others today
  • Made someone else’s life easier or better
  • Made a difference for someone

It can be big things; it can be small things. It can be about helping your colleagues, customers, clients, business connections, suppliers and others.

There are three reasons why it’s important to stop every now and again and be reminded about who you are helping:

  1. When you help someone, you make them happy at work
  2. It feels good to know that you make a difference
  3. It helps you find purpose at work. Today, work is about more than just completing tasks. It’s also about helping others and contributing to more than just your own well-being.
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Week 21: Remember 3 Good Things from Your Day at Work

This week is about reminding yourself about all the good aspects of your job. Your mission: when your day at work is coming to an end, right before you head home, write a list of 3 things which made you happy. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small things as long as it made your day better.

It could be your favourite food in the canteen, the fact that you adhered to a deadline, a nice chat with a colleague. Whatever!

Write the list just before you go home. If you can’t think of 3 things, then don’t take it to heart. Just write down as many things as you can think of.

If you can’t think of a single good experience, then you have either had a really bad day or it might be time to look for another job.

Why is this a good tip? Let’s say that you have had 10 good experiences at work today and one bad experience. If you go home and only focus on the one bad experience, then you will remember your day as a bad day, and it will probably also feel like a bad day.

And most people have a tendency to remember bad experiences more than good ones. It’s therefore a really good idea to be extra careful at remembering the good experiences of the day, and writing them down.

Studies have shown that if you do this every day for two weeks, you will be happier for the following three months.

Translation by Synamon Mills 

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