Five Shared Healing Powers of Lemons and Laughter

Last week I sat down with Thomas Flindt, laughter guru and author of Happy Lemons, and found out the reason behind the use of “lemons” for his book title. Certainly, the cheerful yellow nature of lemons doesn’t hurt the image, but the real reason behind the name was actually much more scientific than I realised. Lemons actually have a myriad of healing powers, much like laughter does, so they fit together quite well. In fact, ancient Egyptians believed lemons were protective against poisons, a belief which has been proven correct by modern science. As Thomas expresses in Happy Lemons, laughter also comes with many benefits for both the body and mind. In honour of Happy Lemons, here are five examples of the shared healing powers of lemons and laughter.

1. Detoxifying and Cleansing

Daily consumption of lemons, such as drinking lemon water, ensures the increased production of bile, which is a substance necessary for digestion. Conversely, lemon juice also controls the flow of excess bile, making sure that the digestive tract remains undamaged, preventing ulcers. This also allows for the liver, the body’s primary cleanser, to remove toxins at an optimal level. 

2. Cancer prevention

Lemons are rich in compounds called citrus liminoids, which protect cells from damage that can lead to the formation of cancerous cells. This is a compound our bodies are readily able to absorb, and lemons (and limes) contain almost as much of this compound as they do of Vitamin C. While lemons can make your body stronger, laughter can as well. Humour is a natural pain-killer, as well as giving us a stronger immune response

Thomas Flindt - Happy Lemons

3. Rejuvenation

Lemons are antiseptic by nature and help to treat various skin problems such as scares and burns. A rich source in Vitamin C, lemon brings a natural glow to the skin and rejuvenates damaged skin tissue. When applied to the skin it can help to treat wrinkles, sunburns, pigmentation, scars, and blackheads. Much like lemons, a good laughter session can also be very rejuvenating for the mind by promoting relaxation. 

4. Fight infection

The antiseptic nature of lemons also make them powerful in fighting infections. Due to their anti-bacterial properties, lemons are an excellent remedy for treating problems related to throat infections such as a simple sore throat or even tonsillitis. While excessive laughter might not be great for your throat, laughter can help your body fight ailments such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

5. Balancing

While lemons may seem quite acidic, they ave incredible alkalizing properties that can help balance your body’s pH. While laughter may not be balancing to our pH levels, it balances the mind and fights stress. After a good laughter session, one feels more relaxed and emotionally balanced.

Laughter may be the best medicine, but lemons are probably a close second. These are of course just five of the MANY health benefits of lemons, but these were some of the ones which I felt related most to the healing powers of laughter. A more comprehensive list of the healing powers of lemons can be found here. After learning so much about the healing powers of lemons, it is no surprise why Thomas made them the “mascot” for his book.

Anna Guastello
3 Oct 2014

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