Fight the Winter with Thorbjörg’s “Red Fire Truck Smoothie”

It seems that winter hit the world in strange ways this year. Australia is so hot that parts of it are melting, and the USA has suffered severe cold due to a “Polar Vortex,” a classification so Sci-Fi-esque, it sounds like the cold has been beamed here à la Star Trek.

And while that’s happening, I’m just sitting here in grayish Denmark. By this time in January, I would have expected my outdoor morning commute to have transformed me into a Popsicle. But the weather is relatively calm as I continuously give every wandering cloud a suspicious glare, anticipating the snow ambush.

Although winter has its cozy attributes, I’msmoothie looking forward to the fresh atmosphere of spring and summer. That’s why I went looking for a pick-me-up, and I found Thorbjörg’s “Red Fire Truck Smoothie.” Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir is the leading Scandinavian expert in natural anti-aging and lifestyle coaching. Along with publishing her best selling book 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks, she also posts healthy recipes on her website. Her “Red Fire truck Smoothie” is milk/gluten/sugar free, and is made up mostly of frozen fruit, meaning you can make a summer season smoothie, without the season.


For 1 Pitcher of “Red Fire Truck Smoothie,” use the following:

·      200g/5.5oz of frozen watermelon pieces

·      200g/5.5oz of frozen strawberries

·      120ml/ ½ cup of apple juice (organic if you wish to remain Gluten and Sugar free)

·      The juice and zest of 1 Orange

·      Club soda


1.     Combine all ingredients (minus club soda) and blend in a blender

2.     Pour the contents of the blender into your pitcher

3.     Add club soda and stir. Stop adding club soda when smoothie has reached your preferred consistency

And that’s it. Now a piece of summer has been beamed to you through the “Polar Vortex.” Enjoy!

Edit: I must have tempted fate when I wrote this blog, because it has begun to snow in Denmark. As usual, I’m in the honeymoon phase with the weather, thinking about how nice the first snow looks. But just give me a few days until the snow turns to slush, and I will be running home to get a dose of summer strawberries.

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Philip Trampe

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