Danish School of Happiness: Lesson 2 [Video]

“Why is Denmark constantly ranked as one of the Happiest countries in the world?”

We at Pine Tribe have noticed that things operate a bit differently here in Copenhagen. When you’re in the thick of it, you begin to understand why the Danes are so content with their lifestyle. Happiness is a side effect of the culture here—and it’s this culture we wish to share with the world.

Welcome to the Danish School of Happiness. Each lesson will address a different facet of cultural life here in Denmark. Our curriculum will take you through as many unique aspects of Danish culture as possible. We will explore the environment, food, and daily life as a whole

Today’s Lesson:

One thing about Denmark that isn’t really highlighted internationally is that it is surrounded by water. The coastline has a large impact on the Danish culture, and features prominently in many of the Danes’ recreational activities.

In this lesson, we go into detail of just how important the water is in the Danish lifestyle. We cover the coast’s historical significance, and how Denmark’s massive coastline plays a role in the daily life of Danes. This includes visiting a large man-made water recreational area, the canals of Copenhagen, and even the famous harbour bath at Islands Brygge. We’ll even show you some extreme kite surfers, and investigate the strange sport of Kayak Polo.

Check out lesson two below, and join us next week when we’ll teach you all about Danish food culture.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEQTodH2_b4&list=UUHDPGBXnSMTAm8UcZugh4rw]

Philip Trampe
28 Nov 2014

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