Celebrate the Big and the Small Victories

Last week, our very own laughter guru, Thomas Flindt, was featured on CNN with Sanjay Gupta to explore happiness in Denmark. The day it aired on television, we all gathered here at the Pine Tribe office for a viewing party – complete with lemonade inspired by his book, Happy Lemons. The one thing which Thomas kept repeating to us was, “Remember to celebrate the big moments but also the small moments!”

Being featured on CNN was a big moment and was well deserving of a celebration. Thomas had a point in reminding us to celebrate both the big and small victories. It is expected to celebrate the big moments in our lives, the moments we have worked so hard to get to. What occurs less to us are the benefits of also celebrating the small moments. The victories which might not be as monumental, but no less substantial in our path to success.

Here are four reasons to celebrate both the big and the small achievements in life:

1. Quite simply, it makes you feel happy

This is the most simple reason to celebrate both the big and small moments in life. Celebrating the big moments reminds you of your progress and achievements. On the other hand, celebrating the small moments serves as a reminder that any progress is still progress. You don’t have to sit around waiting for “someday” to come – you can celebrate now and reap the benefits of happiness. As they say, life is about the journey, not the destination.

2. You can share your achievements with others

When we celebrated Thomas’ CNN premiere, he also invited many of his closest friends from around Copenhagen, many of whom had participated in one of his laughter sessions before. It allowed him to celebrate his achievements with others and share some of his happiness with those who had been there along the way.

For more updates, follow Thomas Flindt on Facebook.

For more updates on laughter and happiness in Denmark, follow Thomas Flindt on Facebook.

3. It provides motivation to keep you going

Sometimes we get frustrated with our progress, or lack thereof, and we can start to feel discouraged. Acknowledging and celebrating the victories, even the little ones, reminds you that you’re on the right path. It also prevents you from dwelling on your shortcomings, which can lead to feeling “blocked” and causes frustration.

4. Your confidence grows

One of the most important factors to success is believing in your ability. It can be easy to feel defeated and powerless, so sometimes you need a reminder of all that you are capable of. Celebrating along the way keeps your confidence in place, and reminds you of the people you have in your life who believe in you, too.

It was definitely inspiring to watch Thomas on CNN and to celebrate with him last week as it aired. If you didn’t catch Thomas’ segment on CNN, you can check out Happy Lemons to learn more about how you can use laughter and laughter yoga in your life.

Anna Guastello
26 Sep 2014

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