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Behind the fad: Why Gluten Free?

Back in 2009, a holistic doctor recommended one of my best friends go gluten free because she was experiencing a lot of discomfort after meals, bloating, and painfully stiff muscles. At that time, gluten free was still a new concept, items were hard to come by and products were expensive. I honestly thought it was just […]

Sibling Rivalry: Scandinavian Teasing and Unity

In the world outside of Scandinavia, stereotypes of Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes often get lumped together as one big Scandinavian stereotype. Usually these stereotypes will involve blondes, Vikings, and high taxes. Within the Scandinavian countries, however, stereotypes exist among each other regarding each individual country’s habits. These stereotypes are harmless; they exist like brothers joking […]

Children: Experts of Happiness Pt 2

Part 2 of 2 Children have and do something that makes life easier to live. As we adults observe children, it is obvious that we will come to think now and then, “How easy it is to be a child!” But we should ask ourselves occasionally: “What actually makes it so difficult to be an […]

What Sugar Free Has Done For Me

If you aren’t interested in losing weight or don’t have the energy to go through the effort, what is the motivation behind a sugar free lifestyle? It has been 2 months since I started following Thorbjörg’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks. Though it seems that diet trends are led by and focused at women, healthy […]

Sibling Rivalry: Stockholm and Copenhagen

Every city has its rival, and in Scandinavia it seems the rivalry is strongest between Stockholm and Copenhagen. Much to the annoyance of its Nordic neighbours, Stockholm likes to market itself as the “Capital of Scandinavia” while Copenhagen prefers to capitalise on being “the happiest country in the world” for its marketing strategy. Both countries […]

Pine Tribe’s Recommended Summer Reading List

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to leave the comforts of our home and hang out at the beach. After overdosing on salt water and playing too much paddleball, there’s nothing better than to lounge with a great summer read. As we work in publishing, you can bet that the people here at Pine Tribe […]

Children: Experts of Happiness Pt I

Children have and do something that makes life easier to live. As we adults observe children, it is obvious that we will come to think now and then, “How easy it is to be a child!” But we should ask ourselves occasionally: “What actually makes it so difficult to be an adult?” One of the […]

How to Celebrate Midsummer Abroad

Midsummer is coming up on Friday and Swedes all around the country will be spending the day outside with friends and family celebrating the summer solstice. I was fortunate enough to have my first Midsummer experience in 2007. I was studying Swedish in Uppsala at the Uppsala International Summer Session and we went together as […]

Lagom: How Scandinavians find Balance

Annually CNN announces the world’s happiest countries. This year, 3 of the top 5 happened to be in Scandinavia, again. What is the secret behind the countries with some of the longest winters and shortest summers to still remain the happiest year after year? To Scandinavians, the secret is a little thing called lagom, which is naturally apart […]

Sibling Rivalry: Sweden vs Denmark

Often times we refer to Scandinavia as a whole, glancing over the fact that it is comprised of three unique countries. Sometimes there is even debate about what counts as Scandinavia – where does Finland fit in? And what about lonely Iceland out there in the Atlantic? For many outsiders, especially the farther you get […]

Are You Happy? [Quiz]

“You must be very Happy then!”  That’s the response I get from many people abroad when I say that I am from Denmark. With Denmark continuously ranking at the top of every World Happiness Report, I completely understand why any outsider would perceive the Danes as happy people. Of course with the social security I have, […]

Top 3 Contributors to an Old Biological Age

The early results of Thorbjörg’s Biological Age Quiz are in and the numbers show that the many quiz takers have a biological age at least 21 years older than their chronological age. 35% of respondents have a biological age 21 years or older than their chronological age. More than 2500 people from around the world completed […]

Simple, Delicious and Nutritious Summer Recipes

The sun is brighter, the days are longer, and the weather has started to warm up. Scandinavia is still unpredictable with its spontaneous weather changes, but it’s still a time to dawn the summer foods! Choosing to eat produce that is in season has many benefits, two of which are cost effectiveness and taste. Vegetables […]

6 Things Not To Do In Sweden This Summer

Headed to Sweden this summer? Great, you picked the right time of the year as you will be able to experience many Swedish traditions and festivities. After the dark winter months that never seem to end, summertime is taken seriously in Sweden and the locals will be taking advantage of the long, light days. Here […]

Top 5 Tips for Living in the Moment

We have all heard it a thousand times, in a thousand different ways: the best thing that we can do for ourselves and for others is to be present in the moment. Enjoy the journey, seize the day – it goes by different names and sayings. I am completely convinced that this kind of advice […]

That is Why Detox Works

It’s early morning in NYC and I’m on my way to the gym to give the treadmill a good thrashing and tone up my muscles. Afterwards I have a meeting with a doctor, who specializes in functional medicine, working on treating insulin sensitivity, obesity and conditions that arise due to accumulation of waste substances from […]

Achieving Your Beach Body With a Home Gym

Summer is practically pounding down my door. My sandals, shorts, and bikinis are imploring to emerge from the dark recesses of my drawers. They have been neglected and forgotten beneath all the winter gear needed in Scandinavia. The summer festivities, and warmer weather, naturally beckons people outdoors. You shouldn’t hide under a big t-shirt when […]

The day he said “Honey, get off the couch!”

Yes, you read it right. Today I will tell you about the day my husband said, “You really need to get off the couch and do something to make yourself happy.” As a mom, I believe I have all the wisdom of the world when it comes to raising my kid. I’ve read books on […]

Fight or Flu: How to Naturally Beat the Flu

Nearly everyone I meet at the moment has just been through, or is in the middle of, a virus attack. These are the folks that have either just overcome (or are still battling) the crippling fatigue, sore muscles, trouble breathing, sore throat, chest tightness, headaches and generally “feeling under the weather,” believing that once these symptoms […]

5 Physical Signs It’s Time For A Detox

It’s in the food you eat, the air you breath, absorbed by your skin, and even produced through your metabolism; toxins are unavoidable and everywhere. While embracing and accepting that aging is a normal part of life’s process, it’s important to not become desensitized to the ways you might be aging yourself at a faster […]

3 Reasons: Why it’s Better to be an Entrepreneur in Scandinavia

There is no doubt about it, the costs of living in Scandinavia are high. With tax rates around 35-57%, plus a 25% Value Added Tax (VAT) rate, Denmark might not seem so appealing to your average small business entrepreneur. However, Denmark ranks number 2 in the world for Entrepreneurship and Opportunity according to The Legatum […]

Scandinavian Fitness: Personal Health for the Greater Good

Today amidst our multicultural team at the Pine Tribe Copenhagen office, a discussion topic arose that isn’t too foreign for anyone who visits Copenhagen: Danes seem to be obsessed with fitness. It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are, in Denmark’s capital exercise seems to be a priority. I’ve mentioned it in an earlier […]

The Inefficiency of Multitasking

Many Americans believe that the ability to multitask—the ability to handle more tasks at the same time—is a valuable skill to have. After all, imagine all the work that can be done faster when you are writing emails while answering phone calls simultaneously. However, as studies have repeatedly shown, multitasking may not actually be that […]

Our 4 Favorite Scandinavian Movies

With ScandiMania sweeping the globe, it seems that the world has become aware that the Scandinavians have quite a flair for storytelling. Stories from Scandinavia may range from dark thrillers to ludicrous comedies, but there tends to be an element of “typical Scandinavia” in the majority of the entertainment we produce. Here at Pine Tribe, […]

Tips For A Sugar-Free Travel (or almost)

A challenge when traveling is locating healthy food. Airports, kiosks (think 7-11), gas stations and roadside restaurants tend to be packed with an overabundance of processed food. Even further, while I have seen an increase in the number of healthy alternatives, the prices for fresh food, salads or fresh juices, tend to be exorbitant. It […]



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