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5 Tips For Making Friends in Sweden

Just moved to Sweden? Välkommen! Unless you were lucky enough to bring your BFF with you to this beautiful Scandinavian country, you’re going to need some friends – or at least have someone to skål with. No matter where you come from, friendship is a universal concept – you have your close circle of friends […]

American vs. Swedish University Life

I am fortunate enough to have spent significant time in both the American and Swedish university systems. I went to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, which is just about as all-American as universities come. Meanwhile, I also spent three semesters at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. One of the oldest universities in Scandinavia, Uppsala University […]

Are You Living By Comparison?

“Comparison is the thief joy,” said the late American ex-President Theodore Roosevelt. By this statement, Roosevelt was referring to what happens when we become wrapped up living by comparison. We are unable to be happy when we live by comparison for there will always be someone better, smarter, faster, etc. I’m not sure who Teddy […]

Swedish August Tradition: The Crayfish Party

Summer in Scandinavia is a bit like an initiation; you learn to cope with the midnight sun, then you’re stamina is tested at a Midsummer party in June, you do your best to choke down your first bite of surströmming, and finally (just as you think it’s over) you get one of the best gifts […]

Are You Experiencing Burnout At Work?

Not too long ago, I discussed karoshi, a phenomenon taking place in Japan where workers have died from over work. The problem has exacerbated itself over the years enough to warrant its own word, a help hotline, and even a karoshi bill to try and prevent future karoshi deaths. I also pointed out that over […]

Are You Living With a Backwards Facing Eye?

Have you ever read a thought that hits so closely to home you feel as though someone is reading your mind? Someone is articulating your feelings and putting them into words, in a way you never could. In fact, you may not have even known these were your feelings until you read this. That is […]

Fashion Week: 5 Staples of Scandinavian Fashion

Copenhagen Fashion Week is upon us which means the beautiful people are out in full force and Rådhuspladsen has turned into a glorified catwalk. While modeled after the more famous shows in Paris, Milan, and New York; Copenhagen’s fashion week this season is unique because of its focus on sustainable fashion from Scandinavian (mostly Danish) […]

Are vitamins and supplements overrated?

Ever thought or heard this before? “Your body doesn’t absorb extra vitamins. All you get from taking vitamin supplements is expensive urine.” Supplements such as vitamins, minerals, or herbs are intended to complete, enhance or add further nutritional value to the diet. In 10 Years Younger in 10 weeks, Thorbjörg proposes a laundry list of supplements for the detox segment […]

Myths of Modern Management: Acknowledgement

In a time where we measure like never before, it’s a paradox that the biggest danger for an organisation and its employees is the modern and well-meaning manager. Coaching and appreciative management, with democracy, equality, and a large degree of freedom for employees is not the solution; it’s a source of the problem. At the […]

What Is Laughter Yoga?

Did you know that you can actually laugh for a living? Well, that is what Thomas Flindt, laughter guru and author of Happy Lemons: How Happiness Breeds Success, has been doing since 2003. As the title of his book suggests, Thomas is a firm believer that happiness breeds success, not the other way around. He […]

Happy Mondays Series #7 – Get Started After the Holiday

Scroll through a Facebook or Twitter feed on a Monday morning and you will likely see plenty of updates about the onset of a new week and how much people are not looking forward to it: we are always confronted with the idea that Mondays are something to be universally hated. However, we can fight the idea […]

Fat: Becoming Friends With My Own Worst Enemy

Fat. I have long hated that word. I remember my university nutrition professor teaching us about the food pyramid and the daily needed percentage of fats and carbohydrates. I remember thinking she was crazy. Right around this time, I was at war with myself and genuinely believed fat was my own worst enemy. Flash forward, […]

5 Ways We Connect With Others Through Laughter

By now you’re probably aware that Denmark ranks #1 for reported levels of happiness, but what are the contributing factors to this happiness? Many experts cite a high level of social cohesion as just one of the many reasons attributed to the Danish happiness – many Danes belong to social clubs and participate in volunteer […]

Karoshi: The Japanese Killer Work Ethic

“Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance?” declared the late former American president Ronald Reagan. Perhaps he never received much news from Japan. What is karoshi? Karoshi. Karojisatsu. These terms mean “death by overwork” and “suicide by overwork” in Japanese. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) defines karoshi as […]

Happy Mondays Series #6 – Notice Your Accomplishments

Scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed on a Monday morning and you’re likely to see plenty of updates about how much people are not looking forward to the start of a new week: we are constantly bombarded with the idea that Mondays have to be universally hated. However, we can fight the idea that […]

7 Ways To Go Co-Co for Coconut Oil

I can’t emphasise my love of coconut enough. I have been a fan of extra virgin coconut oil since long before I met Thorbjörg. However, following 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks has made me an even bigger fanatic of the amazingly versatile benefits of this oil.  For the past few years, coconut oil has been making […]

7 Things to Know About Nordic Coffee Culture

The Nordic countries dominate a few lists – gender equality, happiness, and (unfortunately) cost of living as an expat. Another list they dominate is in annual coffee consumption – the Nordics love their coffee! Finland usually tops this list, followed by Sweden and Norway, with Denmark falling in the top 10. A ranking from 2013 can be […]

Burn Fat with Coffee

Coffee. The origins of this tantalisingly dark, rich, chocolate or citrus flavoured bean date far back in history. Still popular today, this aromatic and caffeinated beverage has been praised and condemned among various communities for its uses, production, and influence on the body. Yet, if it is so bad for you, why is it still so popular? While many I meet within yoga and […]

6 Ways eBooks Are Reaching More Readers

For those who are reluctant to switch from paperback books to digital books, there is some bad news – eBooks aren’t going away anytime soon. eBook sales already overtook paperback sales in the United States in 2011, and the market is continuing to grow. In the UK, eBook sales are set to overtake print sales by 2018. But […]

The Material and Spiritual Life: Living in two worlds

Today, I would like to ask you a philosophical question. It is question that I have never really been able to answer myself. The question is about two worlds – about a fundamental divide in human life. It is about two different dimensions of life that we all belong to and that, from my perspective, […]

Happy Mondays Series #4 – Get Moving

Scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed on a Monday morning and you’re likely to see plenty of updates about how much people are not looking forward to the start of a new week, (especially from those who stayed up late last night to watch the World Cup). We can fight the idea that Mondays have […]

A Cave Man (Paleo) Solution to Health Problems

The first time I returned to the States after having been abroad a year, the first two things I noticed was the friendly nature of Californians (that I often miss) and then, how much bigger everyone was; both in height and width. Having lived in South Korea, despite being taller than the average Korean, I was average […]

Five Reasons to Use an eReader This Summer

Like most of us here at Pine Tribe, when I was a child, I was crazy about reading. This meant that trips to visit relatives involved packing every book imaginable in a carry-on bag, forcing one of my parents to carry this around the airport for me while I agonised over which book to read next. […]

Your Guide To A Quick Yoga Practice [video]

Already have a fitness routine you enjoy? Does your schedule only allow you a short amount of downtime a day? Were you aware that a daily yoga practice can greatly enhance your present exercise or life? Adding a quick yoga practice into your day will not demand much from you, just think of it as a coffee break. […]

Beyond IKEA: 5 Elements of Scandinavian Design

I recently battled the Copenhagen rental market and came out with a new flat, a fantastic gang of international flatmates, and a dryer – a rare find in Danish households. All in all, a challenge successfully completed. The only issue was, the space was unfurnished and I was left to fill a empty, blank room […]



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