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Inspiring Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir: A Media Roundup!

Our fabulous author Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdóttir is now a bestseller in the US, UK, Australia and Germany. The anti- aging queen has made waves in New York with her workshops, sharing simple yet effective tips with ladies and inspiring them to the a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the sugar-free diva has recently been featured in some […]

Spring Cleaning: Cleansing your Body and Mind

Spring cleaning is a term used to describe the activity of one intently cleaning the house at the onset of spring.  It involves giving attention to the details we ignored during the winter, such as the windows or the inside of the oven. Finally, it’s an opportune time to implement the adage ‘out with the […]

A Taste of Summer: A Video Review of Thorbjörg’s Red Fire Truck Smoothie

With the wild, almost wintery weather we’ve had here on the East Coast—such as snow covering the ground in the middle of April—it seems that spring will never come. Fortunately, our very own Thorbjörg has a refreshing way to chase away the “Winter Blues” brought on by Seasonal Affective Disorder. When the weather gets you […]

Thorbjörg Takes New York: The Anti-Ageing Queen shows off her programme at popular event

In a cozy SoHo apartment, Thorbjorg kicked off the launch of her English-translated book, 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks, with two exciting events. She teamed up with some of New York’s leading health and wellness experts to lead two discussions on anti-ageing strategies: one intimate breakfast experience, and an evening lecture with snacks. After […]

6 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

One of the toughest arguments against choosing organic food is the cost. It’s no secret that purchasing health food items means tighter budgeting and bringing home less in quantity.  Especially in Scandinavia, natural food stores and non-seasonal items are quite limited due to the nordic climates. This forces me to consider creative ways to promote […]

Kitchen Bonding and Graceful Aging

It’s taken me nearly 10 months to accept, but I’m 30. People say after 30, everything physically changes. The metabolism slows, wrinkles become more defined, the color of the complexion fades, and the sagging begins to publicize itself. Of course, I’m hoping my daily yoga discipline will combat (better yet, reverse) some of this sagging. […]

5 Benefits of Green Tea

While most folks swear by coffee as their trusted drink to keep them energized while at work, I find tea to be the perfect companion for long days at the office. Why? Simply put, green tea is the better option in the long run. While coffee fans and green tea skeptics may not agree, there’s […]

5 Things you need to know about Thorbjörg

It’s Time! Tomorrow marks the official release of Thorbjörg’s book 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks, the program that uses a natural Scandinavian lifestyle in order to help anyone wind back the years of their biological age. To celebrate we’ve collected 5 things you must know about Thorbjörg. 1. She’s (almost) a Time Traveller Thorbjörg, […]

What is your Biological Age? [Quiz]

I am 47 years old. If you look over to your left, you will see my name and a picture of someone who doesn’t look 47–but I am.  Well, biologically I am. Chronologically, I am still 24 years old. After taking Thorbjörg’s new Age Test, I was pretty surprised to find that I may call […]

Defeating Doubt: Starting your healthy life!

If you’re feeling down and troubled, if you’re lacking energy, if your love handles are becoming too much of a handful, and not only your stomach is upset, but your whole nervous system has been telling you for some time that enough is enough, it means that now is the time— time for a change. […]

Kitchen Shortcut: Cooking with Thorbjörg ’s Fig Mustard

“This is incredible!” That was the reaction my chicken and vegetable dish got last weekend. As a mediocre cook, this compliment was groundbreaking—and it was all due to using Thorbjörg’s gluten and sugar free Fig Mustard as a garnish. As a recent college graduate who survived mainly due to a gracious dining hall and an […]

Thorbjörg: The Anti-Ageing Queen

Thorbjörg, the Scandinavian anti-ageing queen, has accomplished what humans have been dreaming about doing for centuries—she can control time! By this of course we don’t mean she is an actual time traveller, but as a woman in her mid 50’s with the physical appearance of one in her 40’s, people may think Thorbjörg has in […]

How I Started My Sugar Free Path

People often ask me where and how I started my own personal health revolution. When was the moment I began my journey to become the anti-ageing Queen? There is no doubt in my mind that it started by moving my eating habits from the streets and into my kitchen. You see, before my own personal […]

I am Sugar Free!

“I am sugar free ” This is a statement I live by…but with a few modifications. Well, it shouldn’t be taken literally in the sense that my body is completely free from sugar, because it’s not. It’s not supposed to be. My body’s function, like any other human, is dependent on sugar in the blood. […]

Fight the Winter with Thorbjörg’s “Red Fire Truck Smoothie”

It seems that winter hit the world in strange ways this year. Australia is so hot that parts of it are melting, and the USA has suffered severe cold due to a “Polar Vortex,” a classification so Sci-Fi-esque, it sounds like the cold has been beamed here à la Star Trek. And while that’s happening, […]



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