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Free Recipe e-Book: Thorbjörg’s “Boost Your Vitality”

Scandinavian Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg, raves about smoothies—and with good reason! Smoothies are a quick and delicious way to gather all of your daily nutrients in one quick drink. However, not all smoothies are created equal. Depending on which ingredients you use, smoothies can target and boost certain areas of your entire Vitality. Through her years […]

Steps to Vitality: Smoothies by Thorbjörg

It’s no secret: Scandinavian Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg, loves smoothies!  Having been lucky enough to get to know Thorbjörg personally, I can attest that she can suggest a smoothie for any given situation. That’s why it seems quite natural that she has written a book on how to achieve vitality through unique smoothies. Through her decades […]

Six Reasons To Drink Water

After reviewing the results of my Biological Age Test, I discovered one of the biggest factors responsible for accelerating the ageing process is dehydration. Made up of 70-75% water, your body needs it to survive and properly function. If you are not properly hydrated, your body will show symptoms of fatigue, memory loss, dry skin, […]

Healthy Mythbusters: Is Brown Rice Any Better Than White?

Are you an advocate for dairy free alternatives, agave, and brown rice? Do you cook with olive oil or add honey to hot items? My upcoming posts will focus on cleaning up some of the healthy talk floating around, determining if you are walking the healthy walk or just talking the talk. People assume that foods in their more […]

Health MythBusters: Natural Sweeteners

Are you an advocate for dairy free alternatives, agave, and brown rice? Do you cook with olive oil or add honey to hot items? My upcoming posts will focus on cleaning up some of the healthy talk floating around, determining if you are walking the healthy walk or just talking the talk. This week is about the sweet […]

All Hail The Superfood: Goji Berries [Recipe]

Long before it was trendy in the West, superfoods and the practice of ancient Chinese medicine had been a regular facet of life in East Asia. Regardless of their high technology or fast pace of life today, East Asians are still very knowledgable about their traditional healing foods and medicines. In South Korea, ginseng was a popular […]

3 Negative Effects of GMO Use

Tomato sauce, bread, cookies, veggie burgers, protein powders, chips, Cheerios, and salad dressings. Were you aware that many of these are the products of GMO or genetically modified organisms? When choosing between two options, do you typically go for the item that gives you more for your money, but is full of preservatives and GMO’s? […]

The Short List: Good and Bad Fats

Fat is a great and a life giving source, but not all fats are equal. The ability to distinguish the difference between good and bad fats will make all the difference in your health, wellness, and happiness! A word about high fat, low carb diets. I should add that not all high fat, low carb diets are all equal […]

Skinny Fat: Why Thin Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

Have you ever envied the person who could toss back diet sodas, beers, and junk food and still be effortlessly thin? It seems like it would a be a dream come true, but perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. We focus so much on outward appearances, and the numbers on the scale, without considering that […]

Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Thorbjörg [Video]

In this edition of our Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I sat down for a chat with Scandinavia’s Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg. Thorbjörg is the healthy lifestyle expert behind the 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks programme. During her early years, Thorbjörg battled a sugar addiction that made her body feel sluggish. She began to suffer from […]

5 Ways to Get Kids Eating Healthy

At a very young age, children are taught the basic virtues and moral values for integrating into society. They learn right from wrong, how to make choices, not to run out into the street, and ways to engage in public and private settings. It seems strange then to not establish health as a priority. For […]

The Appeal of Before and After Stories

TV shows like Extreme Makeover, both the plastic surgery series and the home edition in the US were huge television successes. People take a great interest in seeing the metamorphosis of weight loss triumphs and failures, plastic surgery flops and successes, and the transformations of homes and cars. For anyone who has gone through their own “makeover” […]

Are vitamins and supplements overrated?

Ever thought or heard this before? “Your body doesn’t absorb extra vitamins. All you get from taking vitamin supplements is expensive urine.” Supplements such as vitamins, minerals, or herbs are intended to complete, enhance or add further nutritional value to the diet. In 10 Years Younger in 10 weeks, Thorbjörg proposes a laundry list of supplements for the detox segment […]

Fat: Becoming Friends With My Own Worst Enemy

Fat. I have long hated that word. I remember my university nutrition professor teaching us about the food pyramid and the daily needed percentage of fats and carbohydrates. I remember thinking she was crazy. Right around this time, I was at war with myself and genuinely believed fat was my own worst enemy. Flash forward, […]

7 Ways To Go Co-Co for Coconut Oil

I can’t emphasise my love of coconut enough. I have been a fan of extra virgin coconut oil since long before I met Thorbjörg. However, following 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks has made me an even bigger fanatic of the amazingly versatile benefits of this oil.  For the past few years, coconut oil has been making […]

A Cave Man (Paleo) Solution to Health Problems

The first time I returned to the States after having been abroad a year, the first two things I noticed was the friendly nature of Californians (that I often miss) and then, how much bigger everyone was; both in height and width. Having lived in South Korea, despite being taller than the average Korean, I was average […]

Behind the fad: Why Gluten Free?

Back in 2009, a holistic doctor recommended one of my best friends go gluten free because she was experiencing a lot of discomfort after meals, bloating, and painfully stiff muscles. At that time, gluten free was still a new concept, items were hard to come by and products were expensive. I honestly thought it was just […]

What Sugar Free Has Done For Me

If you aren’t interested in losing weight or don’t have the energy to go through the effort, what is the motivation behind a sugar free lifestyle? It has been 2 months since I started following Thorbjörg’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks. Though it seems that diet trends are led by and focused at women, healthy […]

Top 3 Contributors to an Old Biological Age

The early results of Thorbjörg’s Biological Age Quiz are in and the numbers show that the many quiz takers have a biological age at least 21 years older than their chronological age. 35% of respondents have a biological age 21 years or older than their chronological age. More than 2500 people from around the world completed […]

Simple, Delicious and Nutritious Summer Recipes

The sun is brighter, the days are longer, and the weather has started to warm up. Scandinavia is still unpredictable with its spontaneous weather changes, but it’s still a time to dawn the summer foods! Choosing to eat produce that is in season has many benefits, two of which are cost effectiveness and taste. Vegetables […]

That is Why Detox Works

It’s early morning in NYC and I’m on my way to the gym to give the treadmill a good thrashing and tone up my muscles. Afterwards I have a meeting with a doctor, who specializes in functional medicine, working on treating insulin sensitivity, obesity and conditions that arise due to accumulation of waste substances from […]

Achieving Your Beach Body With a Home Gym

Summer is practically pounding down my door. My sandals, shorts, and bikinis are imploring to emerge from the dark recesses of my drawers. They have been neglected and forgotten beneath all the winter gear needed in Scandinavia. The summer festivities, and warmer weather, naturally beckons people outdoors. You shouldn’t hide under a big t-shirt when […]

Fight or Flu: How to Naturally Beat the Flu

Nearly everyone I meet at the moment has just been through, or is in the middle of, a virus attack. These are the folks that have either just overcome (or are still battling) the crippling fatigue, sore muscles, trouble breathing, sore throat, chest tightness, headaches and generally “feeling under the weather,” believing that once these symptoms […]

5 Physical Signs It’s Time For A Detox

It’s in the food you eat, the air you breath, absorbed by your skin, and even produced through your metabolism; toxins are unavoidable and everywhere. While embracing and accepting that aging is a normal part of life’s process, it’s important to not become desensitized to the ways you might be aging yourself at a faster […]

Tips For A Sugar-Free Travel (or almost)

A challenge when traveling is locating healthy food. Airports, kiosks (think 7-11), gas stations and roadside restaurants tend to be packed with an overabundance of processed food. Even further, while I have seen an increase in the number of healthy alternatives, the prices for fresh food, salads or fresh juices, tend to be exorbitant. It […]



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