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Hofstede Series: Individualism

While doing research for a previous “Danish” centered blog post, my colleague suggested I check out “The Hofstede Centre,” which administers cultural surveys of varying nations. The discovery got my curiosity whirling as it provided information about Denmark that I had not really anticipated. As I have lived in both Denmark and the USA for 10 […]

Danish Hoops: Basketball in Denmark

For the record: I am writing about my experience with amateur basketball compared to Denmark and the U.S.  I fully realize the higher levels of basketball in Denmark and the U.S (college and professional) may not reflect my views. I grew up playing basketball in the U.S and have always loved the comradely experience you […]

Cool Runnings: Why Danes stay fit

When people visit Copenhagen, they always tend to say the same thing, “look at all those bikes.” A very logical reaction as it has an overwhelming need to be noted. But having spent a long time living in Copenhagen, I think the bikes tend to cast a shadow on another prominent activity here in Denmark—Jogging. […]

Janteloven: The Root of Scandinavian Modesty

In America, we have the common phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses,” which represents our strive to be better than our neighbor and fellow Americans. We all want to be cooler, smarter, and more successful than the person next to us. Now just take a “hop, skip, and a jump” over to Scandinavia and you […]

Faroe Islands: How Denmark can change a Whaling culture

Over the past week, an article has been circulated and shared through social media concerning the slaughtering of whales and dolphins in Denmark. Having been the token Dane of many American friend circles, I have been tagged in countless of these posts with people questioning the validity of the claims. At first I was sincerely […]

Gone Green: How Green Living is embedded in the Danish culture

One of my biggest culture shocks in America: A toilet. You can learn a lot about a culture when looking at their plumbing. In my college dorm we had a unique toilet, and I was surprised that my American roommates didn’t understand its true function. The throne in question was a “dual flush toilet.” This […]

Speaking English in Denmark

In America, being bilingual is almost something exotic. Though being bilingual is becoming increasing popular in the U.S, it wasn’t until I came to Denmark that I realized almost every single Dane can speak another language and in a lot of cases, they can speak more than 2! This discovery was amazing to me as, […]

What our “Good-byes” Really say

This week, a few of us at Pine Tribe decided to unwind after work and have some bonding time at a small cozy bar here in the heart of Copenhagen. As the conversations started flowing, the topic of cultural differences between the USA and Denmark was brought up. After listing off quite a few differences, […]

Healthy Eats in Denmark

As a recent college graduate from the U.S, I am no stranger to cheap fast food. In fact, eating it at least 3-4 times a week, it might be the sole reason I didn’t starve to death during those 4 years. Living in a house with 3 other guys throughout college, not much cooking got […]

Smile, It’s Denmark!

The Importance of great work life balance from a mother’s perspective ‘Smile’ – a term that is so generic that we hardly ever pay any heed to its importance. Technically speaking, a smile is just flexing of 27 facial muscles, but emotionally speaking, a smile is a really BIG DEAL! Just the simple clenching of […]

What is Hygge? Explaining the Unexplainable

It seems that any time a Dane is asked on camera, “Why are Danes so Happy?” the concept of Hygge arises. Hygge is a word that no one seems to be able to directly translate into any other language. On multiple occasions I have heard it being explained as “a cozy atmosphere.” Yet, any Dane […]

The Danish State of Mind

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I’ll admit it—the above quote is a bit clichéd. Yet it’s still relevant to the dreamers and activists that hope to create a better global future. It’s the go-to mantra for all of those who believe that a single person can alter the course of […]

Lunch tables, Work ‘Hyggeligt’ and Thursday Bars

Who said going to work isn't fun?

Living the Nordic Life

Two years ago I moved to Denmark to study at the University of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is a small, beautiful city by the sea. The Danish people love playing sports and drinking beer, and firmly believe in the live and let live philosophy. I have also been working in […]

The Wheels Keep on Rollin’

Five Facts about biking in the world's first Biking City.



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