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Tips For A Sugar-Free Travel (or almost)

A challenge when traveling is locating healthy food. Airports, kiosks (think 7-11), gas stations and roadside restaurants tend to be packed with an overabundance of processed food. Even further, while I have seen an increase in the number of healthy alternatives, the prices for fresh food, salads or fresh juices, tend to be exorbitant. It […]

It’s Nothing Major, Only the Best Restaurant in the World, Noma

Crispy pork skin, fried moss, radishes with soil, carrot foam and toffee inside bone marrow? Sounds appetizing? Yet, it’s these ingredients, along with many other unique gastronomic elements, that come together to make the world’s best restaurant, Noma. A gem in Copenhagen, Denmark, chef René Redzepi has gone against cultural norms in Scandinavia to change […]

The Right to Sexy Female Leadership

There are too few female top executives in business, and many of them are dressing as, and acting like men. Normally, most men and women feel more comfortable defining themselves within a category—choosing to be masculine or feminine, asexual or sexual. Yet, there is a new movement emerging, a movement of men and women who […]

5 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

In today’s world where we see companies like Google filling their roster with smiling employees, it’s easy to get a little jealous. If there is one thing we all long for, it’s to be happy. Happy at work, happy at home—balance is something we strive for in our daily lives. Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne […]

5 tips for visiting Copenhagen

So, you’re planning on visiting Denmark this summer, eh? Good decision! Coming to Denmark during the summer is coming to the happiest country in the world during that happiest time all year. Needless to say, Copenhagen is a wonderful, wonderful place to be during the summer. Below I have provided you folks with some first […]

A Swedish Easter: Feathers, Painted Eggs, and Little Witches

To understand a culture, it’s important to understand the meaning behind its holidays. The internationally recognized days like Christmas, New Years, and Easter are a unique way to share and celebrate cultural differences. Matias Dalsgaard wrote an exquisite article this week, which I felt presented the perfect opportunity to share about Easter and its religious and […]

Our 4 Favorite Scandinavian Brands

In today’s modern and fast-paced world, it seems that the products we buy are traveling almost more than we are. We import and export so many of our goods, and at times we have no idea how international our own home can actually be. Some of us bloggers at Pine Tribe decided to take a […]

Why so S.A.D? The Happy Nordic and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known (appropriately) as SAD, is the condition in which people’s moods are dependent on the seasons. The most common outcome of SAD is feeling depressed during winter months, as the lack of sunlight leads to symptoms such as lethargy, over eating, and mental drainage. Although SAD is common throughout most locations […]

Happy Snacking: Denmark vs. USA

The snack—a small portion of food eaten between regular meals—is an important part of maintaining a happier, and healthier you at the office. Our Chief Happiness Officer, Alexander Kjerulf, asserts that snacking is incredibly important in his book, Happy Hour is 9 to 5: you can’t just rely on one big lunch-break and copious amounts […]

Me-Mover: Scandinavia’s Bike culture gets an upgrade

Is this the future of biking here? Or wait; is it the future of walking? I don’t know. What I do know is that this thing looks pretty awesome! We aren’t too big on promoting products here at Pine Tribe, but the Me-Mover is something we came across and just had to share with our […]

Killing Simba: Rationalizing Copenhagen Zoo’s Actions

“Why would you kill Simba?!” That was the body of a text message I woke up to yesterday. It was sent to me from an American friend who must have neglected our time difference. Being dazed and confused by the early hour, all I could muster in response was: “Huh?” The message, as it turned […]

3 Reasons why Nurses are happier in Denmark than the USA

As I was living in America during the “Obamacare” craze, a lot of my American friends would ask me, the token Dane, about the Danish health care system. There was a lot skepticism concerning the quality of our public health care. “If it’s all free, how can it be good? Do the health professionals not […]

International Shopping in Scandinavia: Groceries for a home away from home

When I initially moved to Copenhagen three years ago, one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was, “Will I ever get to eat great tasting homemade Indian food?” Being born and raised in India, my palate is quite accustomed to flavors of chili, spices, rice, and lentils–something I assumed may not be as […]

The Danes are Still Happy

They have some of the highest personal debt in the world, the highest cancer rates, AND they didn’t qualify for the World Cup this year. So why is it that Denmark has been named the happiest country in the world for 2013, again? This week, Pine Tribe has launched the #whatmakesyouhappy campaign. Naturally I looked […]

Outdoor Culture in Scandinavia

The golden sun is shining outside. Your heart says go for walk, but your work ties you to your desk. You decide to sit back, not able to fully concentrate, but still pushing yourself really hard! These are the kind of choices we make every day–giving priority to our work and ambitions instead of listening […]

5 Things I’ve Learned about Scandinavia from Working with Danes

Note: I am writing about my experience working with a Danish company that has just opened an office space in the U.S.—I fully realize that my experiences may not necessarily reflect everyone’s opinion, but I have written this article with coworker-approval. As an American in my home country, I have been working mostly with American […]

International Women’s Day: Why Scandinavian men are so great

Working in New York City is fun, but I am happy that I’m not here as a single woman. There are so many stunning women here, fewer men, and the competition amongst the men for women is even harder than competing in the professional world.  And when the men and women finally connect, it seems […]

Iceland: Anti-Ageing through Fire and Ice

While the cosmetic industry loves to bombard men and women with the supposed secrets to eternal youth through chemical by-products, many cultures around the world have time-honored traditions that are far more effective than an expensive face-scrub or cream. From hot-spring baths, to steady tea-drinking habits, and more, there are hundreds of all-natural ways to […]

5 Differences Between the Danish and American Workplace

Since moving back to Denmark after having worked in both the USA and China, it’s been fun adapting to the Danish work culture. I’ll admit the culture is very different here at Pine Tribe compared to my past work places. Pine Tribe is one of many startup companies whose offices are located in the Rainmaking […]

Scandinavian Winter Swimming: Bathing with Polar Bears

There are some cultural concepts and practices here that I have no difficulty in supporting. In fact, I wonder I how ever lived without certain things (smørrebrod and hygge immediately come to mind). But then there are some idiosyncrasies of a culture that are just too far removed from my own background; things that make […]

Scandinavian Lunch Breaks: More than a meal

Culture Clash I am an American, born and bred for the fast-paced life that makes New York City teem with energy. I am constantly in motion, and constantly striving to make the most of my time when I’m at the office. However, while I do hail from a city that proudly boasts of its culture […]

Scandinavian DayCare Centers: A Home Away From Home

I wouldn’t be wrong if I said “Stay-at-home mom” culture is taken over by the state here in Scandinavia. For the last 2 weeks I have been writing about the contribution of the state in making it possible for working parents to pursue their respective careers, and go back to work. This decision to rejoin […]

Hofstede Series: Indulgence

This is Part 3 and final post in the “Hofstede Series” While doing research for a previous “Danish” centered blog post, my colleague suggested I check out “The Hofstede Centre,” which administers cultural surveys of varying nations. The discovery got my curiosity whirling as it provided information about Denmark that I had not really anticipated. As […]

Hofstede Series: Masculinity vs. Femininity

This is Part 2 in the “Hofstede Series” While doing research for a previous “Danish” centered blog post, my colleague suggested I check out “The Hofstede Centre,” which administers cultural surveys of varying nations. The discovery got my curiosity whirling as it provided information about Denmark that I had not really anticipated. As I have lived […]

Latte Papas: The Secret to Progressive Scandinavian Parenting

Making my way through several blanket covered prams, filled with happy looking babies and accompanied by coffee sipping parents, a thought just struck me –Isn’t it quite unnatural to see so many “men” taking their babies out in the middle of the day? And not just in the middle of the day, but by themselves? […]



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