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Scandinavian 101: Do You Speak IKEA? [Quiz]

With more than 330 IKEA locations in 40 countries, Swedish home furnishings giant IKEA is slowly taking over our homes and offices worldwide. We’ve all seen the names given to each IKEA item in the store – they were created in place of item numbers to compensate for IKEA founder Ingvar Kampman’s dyslexia. But those […]

Six Things You Didn’t Know Were Danish

Denmark is a small Scandinavian country of about 5 million people, and recently it has become known for high levels of happiness and quality of life. For such a small country, Denmark has contributed quite a lot to the world over the years, but many of its exports aren’t immediately associated with Danish-ness. Here are […]

Pride Week: Being Gay in Copenhagen

Last week was a great week to be gay in Copenhagen. Saturday marked the end of this year’s Copenhagen Pride Week, a week where LGBT issues are at the centre of attention in the city. The festival is always colourful, festive, and political – and all the events are free! Despite the rain, the final […]

Yoga and Hockey: Teaching Yoga to Athletes

Since the 90’s, in most yoga classes, women typically often outnumber men by a 5:1 ratio. Be it the impression of needed flexibility, the slow paced movements, connecting with the emotions, or just boredom, men are reluctant to enter yoga studios. Yet, with the rise in popularity of yoga all over the world, men have started […]

Surströmming: The Smelliest Food in the World

It’s official – the Swedish delicacy, surströmming, is the smelliest food in the world. This title has been awarded by Japanese study measuring the stink factor of various foods around the world. Unlike IKEA, football stars, and catchy pop music, this is one Swedish thing which is not widely exported around the world to be […]

Your Guide to Swedish Student Nations

Last week I highlighted the differences between life at American and Swedish universities as I experienced during my time at Virginia Tech and Uppsala University. I touched briefly on the student nation system at Uppsala, but didn’t really get to go into depth about this unique tradition. Uppsala University and Lund University are the only […]

5 Tips For Making Friends in Sweden

Just moved to Sweden? Välkommen! Unless you were lucky enough to bring your BFF with you to this beautiful Scandinavian country, you’re going to need some friends – or at least have someone to skål with. No matter where you come from, friendship is a universal concept – you have your close circle of friends […]

American vs. Swedish University Life

I am fortunate enough to have spent significant time in both the American and Swedish university systems. I went to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, which is just about as all-American as universities come. Meanwhile, I also spent three semesters at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. One of the oldest universities in Scandinavia, Uppsala University […]

Which Scandinavian Country Do You Belong In? [Quiz]

It’s easy to lump Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland all together under the big Scandinavian umbrella – they have similar looking flags, related languages, a shared Viking history, and they get quite cold in the winter! But each country has its own distinct culture, traditions, and eccentricities which distinguish them from each other. Before you […]

Swedish August Tradition: The Crayfish Party

Summer in Scandinavia is a bit like an initiation; you learn to cope with the midnight sun, then you’re stamina is tested at a Midsummer party in June, you do your best to choke down your first bite of surströmming, and finally (just as you think it’s over) you get one of the best gifts […]

Fashion Week: 5 Staples of Scandinavian Fashion

Copenhagen Fashion Week is upon us which means the beautiful people are out in full force and Rådhuspladsen has turned into a glorified catwalk. While modeled after the more famous shows in Paris, Milan, and New York; Copenhagen’s fashion week this season is unique because of its focus on sustainable fashion from Scandinavian (mostly Danish) […]

7 Things to Know About Nordic Coffee Culture

The Nordic countries dominate a few lists – gender equality, happiness, and (unfortunately) cost of living as an expat. Another list they dominate is in annual coffee consumption – the Nordics love their coffee! Finland usually tops this list, followed by Sweden and Norway, with Denmark falling in the top 10. A ranking from 2013 can be […]

Six Reasons To Watch “Welcome to Sweden”

Thursday, 10 July is the North American debut of Welcome to Sweden, a new comedy from Greg and Amy Poehler. The show centres around Bruce Evans (played by Greg Poehler), a New York accountant who quits his job and moves to Sweden for his Swedish girlfriend, Emma (played by Josephine Bornebusch). He also sees this […]

Beyond IKEA: 5 Elements of Scandinavian Design

I recently battled the Copenhagen rental market and came out with a new flat, a fantastic gang of international flatmates, and a dryer – a rare find in Danish households. All in all, a challenge successfully completed. The only issue was, the space was unfurnished and I was left to fill a empty, blank room […]

Roskilde Festival: How to camp like a Dane

It’s that time of year again. Summer is in full swing, and while people around the world are immersing themselves in nature and unwinding from their busy work or school schedules, Danes are turning to a different form of summer camping: Roskilde Festival. For most of the year, Roskilde is mostly known for its historic […]

Sibling Rivalry: Scandinavian Teasing and Unity

In the world outside of Scandinavia, stereotypes of Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes often get lumped together as one big Scandinavian stereotype. Usually these stereotypes will involve blondes, Vikings, and high taxes. Within the Scandinavian countries, however, stereotypes exist among each other regarding each individual country’s habits. These stereotypes are harmless; they exist like brothers joking […]

Sibling Rivalry: Stockholm and Copenhagen

Every city has its rival, and in Scandinavia it seems the rivalry is strongest between Stockholm and Copenhagen. Much to the annoyance of its Nordic neighbours, Stockholm likes to market itself as the “Capital of Scandinavia” while Copenhagen prefers to capitalise on being “the happiest country in the world” for its marketing strategy. Both countries […]

How to Celebrate Midsummer Abroad

Midsummer is coming up on Friday and Swedes all around the country will be spending the day outside with friends and family celebrating the summer solstice. I was fortunate enough to have my first Midsummer experience in 2007. I was studying Swedish in Uppsala at the Uppsala International Summer Session and we went together as […]

Lagom: How Scandinavians find Balance

Annually CNN announces the world’s happiest countries. This year, 3 of the top 5 happened to be in Scandinavia, again. What is the secret behind the countries with some of the longest winters and shortest summers to still remain the happiest year after year? To Scandinavians, the secret is a little thing called lagom, which is naturally apart […]

Sibling Rivalry: Sweden vs Denmark

Often times we refer to Scandinavia as a whole, glancing over the fact that it is comprised of three unique countries. Sometimes there is even debate about what counts as Scandinavia – where does Finland fit in? And what about lonely Iceland out there in the Atlantic? For many outsiders, especially the farther you get […]

Distortion: Copenhagen Hosts the Planet’s Craziest Party

It’s that time of the year again – Distortion has just swept through Copenhagen again. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, it is a one of the kind festival combing underground music and art, which roughly translates to massive street parties, eardrum-bursting beats, an infinite stream of Danish beer, and hundreds […]

6 Things Not To Do In Sweden This Summer

Headed to Sweden this summer? Great, you picked the right time of the year as you will be able to experience many Swedish traditions and festivities. After the dark winter months that never seem to end, summertime is taken seriously in Sweden and the locals will be taking advantage of the long, light days. Here […]

3 Reasons: Why it’s Better to be an Entrepreneur in Scandinavia

There is no doubt about it, the costs of living in Scandinavia are high. With tax rates around 35-57%, plus a 25% Value Added Tax (VAT) rate, Denmark might not seem so appealing to your average small business entrepreneur. However, Denmark ranks number 2 in the world for Entrepreneurship and Opportunity according to The Legatum […]

Scandinavian Fitness: Personal Health for the Greater Good

Today amidst our multicultural team at the Pine Tribe Copenhagen office, a discussion topic arose that isn’t too foreign for anyone who visits Copenhagen: Danes seem to be obsessed with fitness. It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are, in Denmark’s capital exercise seems to be a priority. I’ve mentioned it in an earlier […]

Our 4 Favorite Scandinavian Movies

With ScandiMania sweeping the globe, it seems that the world has become aware that the Scandinavians have quite a flair for storytelling. Stories from Scandinavia may range from dark thrillers to ludicrous comedies, but there tends to be an element of “typical Scandinavia” in the majority of the entertainment we produce. Here at Pine Tribe, […]

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