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Danish School of Happiness: Lesson 3 [Video]

“Why is Denmark constantly ranked as one of the Happiest countries in the world?” We at Pine Tribe have noticed that things operate a bit differently here in Copenhagen. When you’re in the thick of it, you begin to understand why the Danes are so content with their lifestyle. Happiness is a side effect of […]

Danish School of Happiness: Lesson 2 [Video]

“Why is Denmark constantly ranked as one of the Happiest countries in the world?” We at Pine Tribe have noticed that things operate a bit differently here in Copenhagen. When you’re in the thick of it, you begin to understand why the Danes are so content with their lifestyle. Happiness is a side effect of […]

5 Essentials of Julefrokost

The holiday season is upon us! When you look at a Dane’s calendar this time of year, you will most likely see one word repeat for all the weekends leading up to Christmas: Julefrokost. Directly translated as Christmas Lunch, Julefrokost (pronounced: you-leh-fro-cost) has become a staple of Danish life in late November and through December. […]

How to Survive the Scandinavian Winter Months

After record-breaking heat this summer and a beautiful autumn season – it seems winter has arrived to Scandinavia. This isn’t my first winter in this part of the world, but the darkness always seems to sneak up on you. So far in November, Sweden is set to have the darkest November on record. We don’t […]

Danish School of Happiness: Lesson 1 [Video]

“Why is Denmark constantly ranked as one of the Happiest countries in the world?”  We at Pine Tribe have noticed that things operate a bit differently here in Copenhagen. When you’re in the thick of it, you begin to understand why the Danes are so content with their lifestyle. Happiness is a side effect of […]

Beyond Stockholm: Six Places to Visit in Sweden

Stockholm will always be one of my favourite European cities; it is a modern and cosmopolitan place that offers endless possibilities for entertainment. That said, it is easy to forget that Sweden is a HUGE country with four topographical divisions. For more traditional “Sweden” experiences, it is worthwhile to get out of Stockholm and explore […]

Must-See Places in Iceland for Nature Lovers

Iceland is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Whether you enjoy hiking, horseback riding, wildlife, or relaxing in a pool, there will be something in Iceland suited to you. Beautiful landscapes, unspoiled nature, and an overall lack of crowds, makes Iceland a naturally relaxing place to explore and get in touch with yourself again. From […]

The Copenhagen Wheel: Reinventing Bicycle Culture

As everybody who has stepped foot in Copenhagen can confirm: Bikes are everywhere here. No matter how old you may be, or what professional position you may hold, biking is a viable form of transportation. Having spent many years in the USA, I know the concept of biking is very different over there. Biking is […]

Scandi Tech: The Best Apps for Stress-Free Travel

It is no secret that technology has rapidly changed the travel industry. I remember searching for Internet cafes and tearing pages out of guidebooks when I was 18 and gallivanting around Stockholm with my best friend. These days, in terms of both trip planning and of the day-to-day needs of travellers – smartphones have made […]

6 Reasons Why Parenting in Finland is Better

The Finnish model for parents has gained recognition in recent years, especially compared to the inequalities in other models brought to light by the Great Recession. At 3.3%, Finland has one of the lowest child poverty rates in the EU as well as the world. This small Nordic country also boasts top quality education, from […]

Find Your True Self in Norway: 6 Places You Must Visit

Norway is one of those destinations where your jaw drops at every turn. It is absolutely stunning, and each destination seems impossibly more beautiful than the last. This can make it difficult to pick the top destinations; truthfully it would be hard to go wrong anyways. When it comes to Norway, it is important to […]

Living the Green Life in Copenhagen

It’s official, not only is Copenhagen one of the world’s healthiest cities, it is also the greenest city. According to the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), Copenhagen is perceived to be the world’s greenest city for the second time in a row with a perfect score of 100 in each category. The report, which was […]

Beyond Copenhagen: 6 Places to See in Denmark

Let me preface this by saying that Copenhagen is a great city. It consistently ranks high for quality of life and an endless list of other positive traits. However, it is easy to spend all of your time in the greater Copenhagen area and forget that there are many other great places to see in […]

6 Scandinavian Startups Taking Over America

The consumer market in North America is notoriously hard to penetrate. Less than 5% of companies arriving in the US are successful. This is largely due to the wide variety of subcultures, and the small differences in business practices that foreign companies do not anticipate. However, there are a few companies who have taken the […]

6 Things to Know About Norwegian Craft Beer

Move over Carlsberg, a new Scandinavian beer movement is coming through – and it is coming from Norway. Last month I travelled to Bergen, Norway, and before I could even say “hej hej” I was on my way to the Bergen Beer Festival. I mistakenly assumed we would be sipping Carlsberg in an Octoberfest-esque setting, […]

6 Scandinavian American Contributions to the USA

The big wave of immigration from the Scandinavian countries to the United States occurred primarily in the 19th century and into the early 20th century. Sweden was the biggest contributor of immigrants, with 1.3 million Swedes leaving Sweden for the United States, while Denmark and Norway were represented by 375,000 and 110,000 immigrants respectively during the […]

How Danish Are You? [Quiz]

Do you enjoy a cold Carlsberg on a summer day? Are you able to navigate the snowy streets on your bike with the greatest of ease? Then you just might have a bit of that Danish spirit! We’ve all heard about how happy the Danes are, and the many great things about living in Denmark […]

Five Scandinavian Career Secrets To Steal

By now you’ve probably heard that workers in Scandinavian countries work fewer hours per week than workers in other parts of the world. You’ve also probably heard that Scandinavians are overall happier in their workplaces than people in many other places? Is it because they work fewer hours? Perhaps. But I don’t think working a […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know Were Icelandic

Iceland has a tiny population – only 322,000 people – but it is impressive for a country of any size. The country boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the world, 99%, and unsurprisingly is home to a large number of writers and poets. Here are six things you didn’t know were Icelandic. 1. […]

Cohabitation or Marriage: A Scandinavian Perspective

When listing your civil status in Sweden, official applications have 3 boxes: unmarried, married, and sambo. Sambo, or samboförhållanden, means cohabitation or living together as an unmarried couple. If being a sambo means basically being given the same rights as a married couple, what would motivate a sambo couple to marry? When investigating commitment and relationships, is cohabitation or marriage better? The topic […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know Were Swedish

The term “Made in Sweden” probably conjures up images of IKEA, Alexander Skarsgård, and H&M. While these contributions are fantastic, many people don’t know that Sweden is quite the pioneer in science and technology, and Swedes have invented many practical things which we still use today. Here are six things that you (probably) didn’t know […]

6 Ways to Achieve Scandinavian Youthful Skin

The Koreans are world famous for the elaborate skincare routines (and great skin), but in Scandinavia they do things a bit differently. Here, there is more of a focus on achieving great skin not only through fabulous skin care products, but also through natural means like diet and a focus on a healthy lifestyle. Here […]

Six Things You Didn’t Know Were Finnish

Finland is technically not a Scandinavian country, but it is indeed a Nordic country with historic ties to Sweden and a sizeable Swedish-speaking population. It also gives the Scandinavian countries a run for their money in the global rankings. Finland scores in the top 10 for reported happiness, is one of the most egalitarian countries, and […]

6 Reasons Why Copenhagen Is The Healthiest City

CNN has confirmed something many of us living here already suspected – Copenhagen is one of the 10 healthiest cities in the world! Personally, we feel that Copenhagen is the healthiest city on this list. Here are the top six reasons Copenhagen is the healthiest city: 1. Work/life balance Denmark has a great culture of […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know Were Norwegian

Norway is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries on earth, but culturally it sometimes gets overshadowed by its neighbour to the east, Sweden. Like Denmark, Norway is a small country with more than their fair share of contributions to the world. Here are six things you didn’t know were Norwegian. Roald Dahl Many of […]

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