Do You Have Work-Life Balance? [Quiz]

Sacrifice. This word gets tossed around a lot when discussing success. No matter how you define the word, it has sadly become accepted that a person will most likely have to sacrifice his or her own personal life in order to achieve success. Family, free-time, health; to thrive at the daily grind, you have to […]

How Danish Are You? [Quiz]

Do you enjoy a cold Carlsberg on a summer day? Are you able to navigate the snowy streets on your bike with the greatest of ease? Then you just might have a bit of that Danish spirit! We’ve all heard about how happy the Danes are, and the many great things about living in Denmark […]

Scandinavian 101: Do You Speak IKEA? [Quiz]

With more than 330 IKEA locations in 40 countries, Swedish home furnishings giant IKEA is slowly taking over our homes and offices worldwide. We’ve all seen the names given to each IKEA item in the store – they were created in place of item numbers to compensate for IKEA founder Ingvar Kampman’s dyslexia. But those […]

How Existential are You? [Quiz]

 “Who am I? What is my greater purpose?” We’ve all been confronted with the big questions out there and, presently, these answers are only limited by the extent of our imagination. But there are those who wish to push the boundaries of that limitation. They will dwell on the questions and their potential answers until […]

Which Scandinavian Country Do You Belong In? [Quiz]

It’s easy to lump Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland all together under the big Scandinavian umbrella – they have similar looking flags, related languages, a shared Viking history, and they get quite cold in the winter! But each country has its own distinct culture, traditions, and eccentricities which distinguish them from each other. Before you […]

Are You a Happy Boss? [Quiz]

A boss’ attitude can make or break the work place. A sour demeanor can put off an entire staff, making them unproductive and spiteful of both their work and employers. A happy boss can boost productivity, efficiency, and the overall attitude at the office. A happy work place has been shown to be much more […]

Are You Happy? [Quiz]

“You must be very Happy then!”  That’s the response I get from many people abroad when I say that I am from Denmark. With Denmark continuously ranking at the top of every World Happiness Report, I completely understand why any outsider would perceive the Danes as happy people. Of course with the social security I have, […]

Are You Winning Without Losing [Quiz]

Sacrifice—the word gets tossed around often when discussing success. To achieve success, whether it’s financial or professional, it has become accepted that a person will most likely have to sacrifice his or her own personal lives. Family, free-time, health; to thrive at the daily grind, you have to grind down the time you focus on […]

What is your Biological Age? [Quiz]

I am 47 years old. If you look over to your left, you will see my name and a picture of someone who doesn’t look 47–but I am.  Well, biologically I am. Chronologically, I am still 24 years old. After taking Thorbjörg’s new Age Test, I was pretty surprised to find that I may call […]

Is it time to Quit your Job? [Quiz]

Do you ever think about quitting your job? The thought of just standing up and walking straight out of your office? It might be something that entertains you every now and then, but most of the time that’s all it is – a thought. Most of us actually don’t know when to quit.  We might […]



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